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Name and Format: Submarine – Trixxie line (Sivape) – mix series aroma 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: MV30717-TRX-SU

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 04-2020

Devices: Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80 W + Wotofo Recurve RDA single fused clapton coil 0.25 ohm (Ni80 28 awg x 4 + Ni80 36 awg) with Native Wicks cotton.

On the table prepared by The Flavourist today there is the last e-liquid from the Trixxie line belonging to the French brand Sivape, specialized in tasty creamy recipes. After testing Corn Porn and Kisstard, we close today the Trixxie triptych with the e-liquid Submarine.

I remind you that the bottle in our possession is in the classic Mix Series format, ie a 60 ml bottle containing 50 ml of liquid to which a 10 ml base with a nicotine should be added. For the Italian market, the French company has been active in making the aroma versions of its e-liquids.

The manufacturer provides us with the following official description of Submarine:

Le Submarine vous plonge dans les profondeurs d’un grand bol de lait avec un zeste de citron. Ajoutez y à la surface un petit gâteau et vous obtiendrez un liquide suave mais complexe.

The Submarine plunges you into the depths of a big bowl of milk with a zest of lemon. Add a petit gâteau to the surface and you will get a smooth but complex e-liquid.

submarine aromes trixxie 50ml

If the first two tested recipes of this line can be easily defined classic and quite common in the international vape scene, not so much can be said for the latest e-juice of the line which, according to its official description, combines some easy elements to tracing in many other e-liquids, such as the milk aroma and lemon aroma, with a decidedly less usual one, the petit gâteau, a New York dessert that soon became famous all over the world.

Unmistakable aromatic notes emerge on the nose, supported by a pleasant fragrance that captures my taste buds, transporting me virtually into an inebriating French pastry. An evident creamy background can be penetrated delicately by citrus notes easily linked to a lemon. I admit it, the reading of the initial description of the combination between lemon and milk had created a sense of fear, but now (at least from the olfactory point of view) I have to change my mind, and I can not fail to notice a certain elegance that the manufacturer conferred on this combination. The creamy component denotes lightness and freshness even if in the back I seem to perceive a vague buttery nuance that seems to increase the body and consistency of the recipe.

For the today vape test, I decided to confirm the winning match Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80 W with the aromaticity of Wotofo Recurve RDA designated by the famous youtuber Mike Vapes. An RDA of undoubted quality to be used indifferently in dripping or bottom feeder.

wotofo recurve

On vaping Submarine immediately shows an aromatic bouquet very delicate and pleasantly natural tones. The ingredients that compose it never appear overdosed and this facilitates the perception of pleasantness of this recipe. The milk aroma is evident from the first puff in inspiration, supported by skillful shades of lemon that, although with extreme delicacy, provide flavor to the aromatic score. The touch of lemon prevents the e-liquid from becoming cloying with the prolongation of the vaping. The milk or any other creamy aromas, if not ably flanked by other aromas that break the monotony, however good and well made, they could never hold up a whole day of vaping.

The vape is creamy but not too dense and runs off tasty on tracks though not completely unknown to the world of e-liquids. I find a lot of assonances with the countless “lemon pie” recipes that fill the shelves of all the vape shop on the planet. Of course, in this circumstance the manufacturer has played more on the lightness of the milk than on the “cake” component, but there are many points of contact.

bol de lait

In expiration, the Submarine notes show on the palate a very light buttery component, which should transfer to the vaper the idea of the petit gâteau reported in the description. But what is a petit gâteau? It is a dessert composed of a small chocolate cake with crunchy rind and mellow filling that is conventionally served hot with vanilla ice cream on a plate. This dessert has also been known to be made using crêpes, in which case it consists of multiple crêpes stacked on one another separated by some kind of filling such as warm jam or berries.

petit gateau

In Submarine are the light buttery nuances sustained by a slightly vanilla tone that should represent the features of the aforementioned petit gâteau. In my opinion too little to provide that kind of perception, be it the dark chocolate cupcake or that of the crepes garnished with jam. The vanilla and buttery hints that are traced at the end of the puff are not enough to make what was announced by the manufacturer.

So basically Submarine is a tasty cup of fresh milk, brilliantly enlivened by the presence of a realistic lemon zest.

ico 3

Pro: A creamy e-liquid in which milk and lemon combine themselves perfectly.

Cons: A less complex recipe than stated by the manufacturer.