Name: Super bat 220W Kit (Vaptio) – Kit – ricevuto dal produttore

Format: Dual battery 18650

Max Power: 220 Watt

Color: Black- Silver – Red

Price: ~ € 75

Super bat 220W Kit new atom kit and dual battery box made in USA by Vaptio

After the excellent presentation, with its first kit atom and box, of the company Vaptio founded in 2014 in the USA, today we want to put the attention on a new kit, this time we will talk about a dual battery box and the Frogman atom that looks straight towards a fairly open pulmonary shot.

The box is part of the line that cites superheroes in the forms, if the previous contented Marvel fans with Spiderman this time we are in front of the famous hero of DC Batman. The kit is in classic style a dual battery box with an attractive design accompanied by the atom, now this type of kits have invaded the markets, with their last effort will the guys of Vaptio find space?




2*User Manual

1*USB Cable

1*Frogman-w2 Coil 0.40Ω

1*Frogman-w8 Coil 0.15Ω(pre-installed)

1*Replacement glass tube


Let’s start talking about the box that is a concentrate of cues taken from the queens of the box of dual battery boxes, the box grows in height where we find the USB socket and the logo in the lower part, continuing centrally we are facing a nice super display defined by about 1.3 inches that offers bright colors and well detailed, above it we find the + and – keys oblique and surround the mask of the bat horror that stands out with superimposed trim adorned by two LEDs in the openings for the eyes . While the plastic fire button is placed along the entire external wall and has the classic “trigger” click with a short and very precise stroke, we specularly find an insert also in plastic that resembles the fire button but is not clickable. Externally the box is decorated with the classic bat wings on which we find colorful LEDs on a metal background that is the main feature of the structure of the box and that give it a touch of style that never hurts!

The batteries are inserted from the bottom and have a comfortable sliding closure, on the base we find the vent holes and all the logos and brands. The final result of the box is definitely positive, the feeling of solidity is extreme, not innovative but nevertheless successful and try with its many colors to concentrate the attention of those present, maybe a little too .. but you can also turn it off!


Surely the box does not shine for its portability, in the market we certainly find more inspired solutions, but everything is thought to be very comfortable in the handle, the beveled lines of the plastic inserts give a great feeling and the huge fire button on which we rest all 4 fingers give us security, we will not have to make inconsistent or uncomfortable movements to be able to interact with the commands of the box.

The box measures 85.5 mm in height, is 46.0 mm long and 30.0 mm deep, mounts two 18650 batteries that make it reach a weight of 250g. A weight certainly not contained but in line with the market, this is also due to the very solid construction of metal material that increases the weight but makes it really solid. One of the strong points of the box can be found in the display really in high definition and that fits well with the shapes of the box.


So we come to talk about the circuit and the functions that certainly do not lack in this box. Let’s start by analyzing the fact that this box as the previous is equipped with the supercharger system that as stated by the manufacturer from the box the possibility, after the fire button, to deliver maximum power in just 0.005 seconds, the box arrives with this preselection that effectively gives the box a very high reactivity making it really effective with fairly strong resistances. The thrust modes in VW are varied and configurable by entering with the classic 3 clicks in the menu and in addition to the super mode we find among the choices: soft, normal and high. The choice made is however perceptible and will impact on the delicacy of the puff from the slightly aggressive soft mode to the rude of the high mode.

The features of the circuit are really many, besides the VW we find the temperature control that has inside standard configurations and curves for many materials starting from the titanium passing through SS316 ending with the ni200. The circuit also offers the possibility of being bypassed through a menu setting that allows us to use the box as if it were a mechanic but with appropriate protections, the smart function that according to the resistance and the state of the batteries will set in an optimal way the number of watts. On board the super bat we find all the protections that allow us to use the box in a safe way, in fact, it has short circuit protection, temperature protection, protection against unintentional activations.

We were really amazed at the management of the batteries that is really successful you can safely use it all day even if you are types of “compulsive vaping” moreover, what we advise against, you can recharge it from the USB and the circuit offers a very safe charging and fast putting at risk however the life cycle of your 18650.

At home Vaptio have certainly worked a lot on this circuit that also offers a series of small settings, talking about the settings that maybe less interesting to the vapers we talk about the possibility of changing the theme to the dispaly, the generous size that shows in the central part the count of watts which can be increased only in one in one in low ohms and volts and in the upper part the mode used and the battery charge. The settings of the contour LEDs are entrusted to the menu as the self-analysis of the components of the box. Concluding the functions are really a lot and make the box complete with many customization possibilities and an unfailing consistency in super-responsive and reliable delivery with an excellent battery life


We do not often use the temperature counter but a small test with a coil in the steel we did it for completeness and we can say that the box behaves quite well however it is not precise and the values are those of default but I have not noticed uncertainties or dry vaping.


As we have noted, the Super Bat has excellent performance and is also very easy and intuitive to use and still offers us a series of parameters that can be configured with ease. The navigation in the menus and the various customizable temperature control settings are still accessible and easy to configure. For a classic use in variwatt a box really easy and that will not leave the owners lost.


So we come to the tank with which this kit arrives is the Frogman 2.0 ml atom 23.5 mm high 54mm and that can contain 2ml easily rechargeable from the top by unscrewing the comfortable top cap leakage. The atom is designed ejectively for a lung shot and based on the mounted resistance we can get a more or less airy shot. The regulation of the air is entrusted to a ring on the base, but we advise you to leave everything open for not losing aroma and an almost strangled pull. The resistors are compatible 4 we have got to test those supplied and it is a single coil resistance of 0.4 ohm and a quad coil of 0.15 ohm shooting in both cases is very good and well calibrated steam production is really very satisfactory, the aromatic perception is instead average with the coil of 0.15 ohm instead is not very satisfactory with that from 0.40. A simple and very comfortable atom the cotton starts after about 4 ml because in the first puff we will have that feeling of polluted. The life of the heads is around 30 ml in a watt range between 60 and 80.


The mod is certainly not distinguished by technological innovation, but it is affirmed and is widely appreciated for its build quality. You will find a broad consensus among even less experienced vapers providing a nice and certainly functional solution. Even the atom does not disfigure compared to the box bringing a viable alternative in the market.

Consigliato a: skilled e hardcore vapers.