Tobacco aroma? Absolutely not! Tasty aroma? Absolutely yes!

Actually, tasty and captivating are the words which in my opinion summarise better the features of this aroma.

Pink Spot Vapors conceived Swagger to drive vapers to think at the first drag: “This is not tobacco!” and at the same time: “But it’s sooo good!”

And this is what exactly happened to me…

Swagger doesn’t have anything tobaccoey (if not for some background molecules which would make it classified as tobacco) but at the same time it is a very charming aroma; it’ impressing for its softness and roundness, its “butteryness” in a great mix of vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

The buttery notes are more evident if steeped for just a few days while prolonging it they give more room to the caramel element which tends to dominate over time.

Update 18/07/2015: with a steeping over 60 days the aroma gets quite awkward; it seems to disbalance towards caramel and hazelnut gets less natural compared to the flavour obtainable with a shorter steeping.

Recommended dilution: 5%

Steeping time: at least 7 days

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