A layer of roasted almonds and a spark of cinnamon (added with parsimony to the formula) amalgamated, rounded and softened by a vanilla cream base: this is Sweet Emotion, a delicate and very “warm” flavour, in my opinion particularly suited for the wintertime.
The composition and structure of Sweet Emotion, contrary to what might be expected, can provide an excellent vaping experience even with medium-high wattage. It is not by chance that I like to define it a “warm” flavour; due to its enveloping and sweet taste, I like to image it combined with a steaming traditional afternoon English tea, not too sweet and therefore perfectly complemented by the pleasant warm notes of this aroma.

Well, Sweet Emotions is a refined and delicate aroma, its ingredients create a velvety mix persisting for the whole vaping; perhaps the aroma could seem even too delicate and go unnoticed, especially considering the current tendency among vapers of vaping very strong e-liquids.
However this product by T-Svapo deserves special attention and certainly a try: you’ll discover an aroma that cannot fail to impress in comparison with more renowned Italian (and not only) concentrate flavours.


Recommended dilution: 3-5%

Steeping time: 7-10 days

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