E-liquid review: Sweet11 – linea 1111 (Dinner Lady) 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Batch: A05205

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 07/18

Devices: iStick TC60w + NarDa RDA single coil 0.85 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.60 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

The English company Dinner Lady has its core business in the so-called “pastry” industry that we know to be the type of e-liquid with the world’s most appealing. Dinner Lady also wanted to think to the traditional vapers, those who, despite the fashion and market addresses, remain faithful to certain “analogue” tastes and flavors. To meet this need, the Blackburn’s manufacturer has created a line of tobacco e-liquids.

The tobacco line by Dinner Lady is called 1111 or rather 11:11 virtually the hour of the evening indicated by the grandfather’s old clock, sitting in his old, all-wooded study, intent on sipping a good old cognac; The butler peeps into the room carrying four tasty options on a silver tray: Sweet11, Felon11, Heaven11 and After11. Which one will choose the grandfather?


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Dinner Lady line 1111 has four e-juices: Sweet11, Felon11, Heaven11 and After11.

Today we review for our public Sweet11:

The rich satisfying taste of cherry tobacco pipe. Even non-tobacco vapers really enjoy this delectable taste.

Cherry notes are unmistakable from the bottle since the first sniff. Pleasantly scented, sweet and tasty remember very typical cherry flavoring widely used in the food industry. In the back, a slight dry background peaks timidly, making the whole structure quite inviting.

For the vape test I prepared my NarDa RDA with a high coil to vape Sweet11 tasting with low wattages and low-cheek cheeks. Well, as widely predicted, MTL (mouth to lung) has come back! We never abandoned it, especially to test some kind of e-liquids.

Sweet11 is a tobacco e-juice that belongs to the category of “classical” tobacco, made without the use of pure tobacco extracts. A prerequisite that will not affect our judgment on this creation by Dinner Lady.

The head notes show a somewhat dry, tasty tobacco dominant, enriched by spicy citrusy nuances; an aromatic structure unpredictably far from simple, rather on the other hand complex and intriguing. I can notice the assonances with a tasty aroma of a well-known American manufacturer who only a few years ago, when the tobacco field had not yet been invested by pure tobacco extracts, was considered one of the best tobaccos on the market.

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The puff is full and in the central notes it is enriched with soft cherry-flavored nuances. A chilling, almost liqueur cherry reminds us to think of a true Cherry brandy. Sweet11 is not a flavor with an immediate impact, it is discovered step by step tasting it. Its bouquet emerges and is noticed in its fullness slowly, you realize how articulated and well-liked is the blend.


The alternation between the slightly sweet acidity of cherry with the dry and citrus base of blonde tobacco (a blend simulation of Virginia and Burley), creates an addictive flavor. It’s not trivial about this Sweet11 and it gives us a decided, and a never-to-be-miss vape.

In exhalation, the roundness of the cherry flavor blooms definitively, sparking from its tasty lawn of which one still perceives a slight, citrus and vaguely woody scent. An aromatic combination of undoubted quality.

But for a vaper accustomed to vape tobacco extracts a doubt remains…

How much a synthetic tobacco can evoke a rich and aromatic pipe smoke?

On our experience, the answer is relatively small; if the raw material (the tobacco extract) is not present, it is difficult to obtain fidelity and perceptions (in this case pipe) that is faithful to reality.

In the case of Sweet11, the perception of a “smoked” cherry cavendish pipe is definitely much higher and more credible than the average of other “classical” tobacco vape.

Dinner Lady’s grandfather will be satisfied.
ico 3

Pro: A tasty “synthetic” tobacco pipe flavored and well-structured.

Cons: As always with a “synthetic” tobacco, the taste of true tobacco is lacking.