E-liquid review: Sword (Blendfeel) 10 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 161026040001

Nico: 4 mg/ml

Declared Base:  55% PG – 40% VG – 5% H2O

Expiry date: 20/05/2018

Devices: iStick TC60W + NarDa RDA single coil (Kanthal A1 0.4 mm) 0.7 ohm with japanese organic cotton.

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A few months ago we reviewed Black Castle, a tobacco e-liquid produced by Blendfeel belonging to E.S.X. line and the type of tobacco e-liquids called “classics” by The Flavourist. Today, more for E.S.X. line, we talk about Sword.

The product is in amber glass bottle with a flat blade plastic dropper. On the information available on the label we have no complaints, because as noted in other circumstances, Blendfeel is a ‘very caring company with current regulations and, therefore, the completeness of the information contained is absolute (from the content, composition of the base, the quantity nicotine, to the various precautions).


To the nose Sword denotes a delicate blond tobacco fragrance medium dry but with a very limited strength. The tobacco base seems to be backed by more soft aromatic notes just mentioned and difficult to detect.  Everything seems then wrapped by a light resinous stamp, very interesting from the aromatic point of view. The feeling is that of an aromatic and fresh tobacco juice, light body, suitable for the first warm days of the spring season. Olfactory even talking about this product, like the previous one we reviewed the same line, it is much more approachable to a natural tobacco extract than to a classic one.

Blendfeel provides the following description of the product:

A fragrant tobacco e-liquid that smells like hay notes and natural aroma of Havana tobacco.

Sword therefore, as already seen for Black Castle, is substantially a tobacco “hybrid” juice because it contains (although minimally) of the pure tobacco extracts, in this case of black Cuban tobacco.

At this point, my NarDa is ready to welcome the first drops of e-liquid.

The inspiration phase has, much more that the nose, intense fragrance of resin, which elegantly combines with the hay notes, just as announced by the manufacturer. The breath is fairly dry but at the same time soft, it is fragrant but not scratchy just as typically expected to meet and savor a Cuban original.


The hay perception of top notes, veers towards a more plant, vaguely manure in the heart of puffs, while retaining the resin scent. Now finally reveal a underlying sweetness, that distinction be characterized by vanilla flavoring. The bouquet as a whole has no false notes but not aromatic traces of absolute excellence. The combination of ingredients is carefully studied and the mix quality is good.

The aromatic structure and especially the tobacco shades are more easily appreciable at low wattages and with a very closed puffs. On the contrary, starting from 20 watts and more and opening all the air of NarDa, the finer facets of tobacco give way to a more rounded body and soft vanilla becomes more present and easily distinguishable.

Sword we can define lovable, sometimes penetrating but never too intrusive. It could be easily appreciated by a large audience of lovers of tobacco e-liquids; even the most ardent supporters of tobacco extracts recognize in this product a valid substitute for a pure organic, especially for its ability to preserve as long as the coil over the organic, whilst fulfilling a good feel extracted from tobacco.

It ‘an ideal bridge between the synthetic tobacco juice and pure organic tobacco extracts.

ico 3

Pro: lightweight tobacco e-liquid with interesting resinous nuances.

Cons: the resinous notes do not make it an all-day.