Name and Format: Syria n.5 (T-Svapo) – E-liquid 10 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: 200211

Nico: 4.5 mg/ml

Used Base: 47.5 PG / 47.5 VG / 5 H2O

Expiry date: 02/2022

Devices: Asmodus Mini Minikin 50 W + Aspire Nautilus 2s with coil 0.7 ohm

I know that for a good portion of our readers, when we talk about classic tobacco e-juices, the interest in reading a review that concerns this type of e-liquid is lost, but it is undeniable that this the type of e-liquid is still the most requested and sold on the Italian e-cig market. And since The Flavourist does not want to overlook any category of vaper, today I decided to tell you again about a synthetic tobacco manufactured by T-Svapo, one of its latest tobacco creations: Syria n.5.

The range of T-Svapo products is really very wide, both for the flavors offered and for the formats, ranging from the classic concentrated aroma in 10 ml bottles, to the Mix & Vape e-liquids, to the shot aromas to end with the classic ready to vape e-juices. As already seen in the case of the Jazz Cremoso n.8 review, the product packaging appears particularly pleasant and original, as well as complete and perfect from an information point of view, but also very suggestive is the e-liquid smoked bottle.

Directly from the official website of T-Svapo, I report below the description of Syria n.5:

Riproduce una miscela di tabacchi Syriani andando a creare un’espressione unica nel suo genere.

It reproduces a mixture of Syrian tobaccos, creating a unique expression of its kind.


The first smell approach reveals an e-liquid with exuberant characteristics and a strong aromatic impact. It is evident from the name of the product, but I think it’s right to clarify it also for the less experienced vapers, that Syria evokes and brings to mind the well-known Latakia tobacco which Syrian origins, what for its strength and intemperance is rightly considered the world king of tobaccos. Although it is impossible to faithfully replicate the scents of real Latakia tobacco inside a synthetic tobacco, I am pleasantly surprised by Syria because it smells very well to simulate the idea of a real Latakia, presenting itself aromatic explosive with a strong accent spicy and sometimes even rather pungent.

We are in the kingdom of strong tobacco lovers, the smell proof in this sense dispels any doubt about it. What will happen in the vape test?

For the vape test I decided to reuse, as in the case of Jazz Cremoso, the Aspire Nautilus 2s headcoil atomizer, which will show me the most hidden facets present in the structure of this e-liquid.


Syria vape test immediately puts me in front of an unexpected novelty: if on the one hand the smell sensations of a strong tobacco find confirmation from the first puff, on the other hand on vape I can perceive a structural roundness absolutely not perceptible from the olfactory test. During the inhalation phase, Syria shows a very dry, woody and direct tobacco base, and therefore lays the foundations for being identified as an extraordinary intense e-liquid.

The initial phase characterized by such a bold and direct tobacco background flows into the heart of the vape, characterized instead by a greater aromatic richness, with persuasive spicy notes that intertwine with deep hints of incense. While the puff remains typically strong, it cannot be defined “dark”, but acquires great roundness of taste and above all it is very multifaceted and articulated.

The almost total absence of the smoky component makes the mix less bulky, which will guarantee the appreciation of a rather large vapers audience. Syria is intriguing and cunning and from its ropes it manages well to transmit those essences of pine, myrtle and cedar typical of the fire cured Latakia tobacco leaves.

The work and the effort made by the T-Svapo flavourists is commendable and can be seen even better in the convincing final nuances of the vape that forcefully echo all the aromatic elements perceived previously, to end in a winking and absolutely aromatic post vape persistence.

During exhalation Syria returns with all its luminous woodiness, seasoned with very light vegetal notes and a vibrant mix of oriental spices, while an intense halo of incense runs through them all. A penetrating all-round taste that never tires and fully satisfies.

As in a famous phrase from a film by one of my favorite directors Robert Redford, I can only conclude saying: “I am haunted by Syria…”

Pro: The best synthetic reinterpretation of a Latakia tobacco.



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