Name and Format: Syrian – H2O line (Angolo della Guancia) – Propylene glycol aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: DST0003

Nico: 3 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 11/2022

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA BVC single coil 0,7 ohm + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0,9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

And the day came…

Oh yes, finally the best known and most sought tobacco for vaping, the very famous and increasingly unobtainable Syrian Latakia, is extracted for the first time with the distillation technique, a technique increasingly used by Italian organic tobaccos manufacturers because it is able to guarantee a very long life to the coils of our atomizers. I have already said it in a few reviews ago that tobacco distillates (hydrolates) have opened the doors of the organic tobaccos world to all users (and they are the vast majority) who vape with non-rebuildable systems.

So which company could be the first to produce a Syrian distilled Latakia if not Angolo della Guancia, the first ever to envelop this new extraction system? The Emilian company inaugurated its successful line of distillates e-liquids, the H2O line just last January, and after having created MiXture, Aromatized Cardamomo, Aromatized Caramello and Quintaessenza, today it offers us Syrian, the first pure Syrian Latakia distillate.

As always, I remember that this product is marketed in the 20 ml shot series format of concentrated flavor in propylene glycol inside a 60 ml bottle. To obtain your e-liquid ready to vape, it will be necessary to add a 30 ml base of vegetable glycerol plus a further 10 ml base of propylene glycol (the presence of nicotine is at the discretion of the consumer). Singular, but very functional to the type of product, the transparent label of the bottle to clearly highlight and show the almost total transparency of this aroma. It must be said that Syrian aroma compared to the previous H2Os is slightly less transparent, which is more than understandable if we consider the starting raw material.

Here is what the manufacturing company says about Syrian:

The leaves of the Syrian LATAKIA distilled 5 times at a controlled temperature, to obtain an aromatic charge rich in nuances while maintaining the characteristics that only a LATAKIA can give!



I begin the smell test having learned from the official description of the product that, even Syrian as Quintaessenza, has undergone a quintuple distillation process to significantly increase its aromatic charge. So if good morning starts in the morning… I have a lot of hope in this Syrian, aware of the aromatic qualities and the goodness of its predecessor.

On the smell Syrian reveals a decidedly marked tobacco presence and Latakia clearly shows one of its most recognizable traits, the smoking scent. The scent that comes out of the bottle is very intense, on par if not slightly higher than the tobacco impact perceived on the occasion of Quintaessenza. I confirm what I said a few months ago on the occasion of the review of Quintaessenza: it is undeniable how, thanks to the multiple passages under steam currents, the aromatic imprint of these distillates is very close to that of a classic tobacco extract.

For today’s vape test I decided to rely on Limit atomizer by Kizoku (with an Aspire coil) and Innokin Ares 2 atomizer. I will be unpopular but no one will ever convince me of the fact that to vape well you need to have rigorously only high end and also quite expensive devices.


The smell sensations are also fully confirmed on vape and from the first puff I find myself in the presence of an e-liquid that has little to envy to a classic tobacco extract. Angolo della Guancia’s quintuple distillation procedure represents a distinct upgrade from the simple distillation used for the first three H2O line aromas. Today, with this Syrian aroma, so overbearing and intriguing, I loudly reiterate all the goodness of this procedure.

From the inspiration Syrian is masterfully dry, woody and smoky and gives a strong analogue sensation to the palate of the vaper, perhaps more like a pipe than a traditional cigarette, but still incredibly realistic. The tobacco distillates, albeit with some aromatic limitations, compared to classic organic products have the great advantage of being basically drier, and this characteristic on a tobacco like Latakia can only emphasize its peculiarities.

In the heart of the vape the scratchy tones already perceived on inspiration are amplified, the aroma always appears very robust but the presence of a medium incensing notes ennobles the bouquet, partially mitigating the hardness of the vape.

The incense nuances are typical of latakia tobacco, it is certainly not discovered today, but a true Syrian is rich in it much more than a Cypriot Latakia and this Syrian manages to show its incense veils quite well. With Syrian aroma the smoky scents are always on the forefront, underlining a rough and dark-toned distillate, but a frame of oriental spices undoubtedly enriches the bouquet, and overall the aromatic score appears quite well multifaceted.

Syrian, the desert rose of tobacco distillates.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape

Pro: Simply the best tobacco distillate ever tried

 Cons: Are there still margins for perfection among distillate tobaccos? Maybe yes … we’ll find out soon