Club der Dampfer

The Club der Dampfer tobacco range is in my opinion a great and pleasing one, and I would also say the best “synthetic” tobacco range I have ever tried. The Club der Dampfer tobaccos are (more or less) the closest to the original tobacco taste, which as you know it’s vapable only through naturally extracted aromas.

The Club der Dampfer tobaccos (there are a lot!) have more or less the same basic aromatic structure, and get different from each other through some notes or light “theme variations”.

Tabak 158 is a tobacco with a lightly zesty dry base sweetened by a light vanilla note; this won’t make it a “cigarette” tobacco but more of a “pip” one, softer and rounder compared to other tobaccos from this brand.

The vanilla note is very light and I personally felt an easy habit with it; vaping it for long then, we tend to feel it more dry.

Simple, never sickening aroma.

Recommended dilution: 1,5-2%

Steeping time: 2-3 days

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