Name and format: Talius (Blendfeel)  – Concentrated flavour 20 ml

Batch: 20702060001

Used base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expity date: n.d.



Today I’m going to make the last review of the year 2020, a year, as many of you know, dedicated exclusively to tobacco e-liquids and aromas. For today’s review I’m going back to talk about Blendfeel and in this case I going to test a flavored tobacco product with the signature of Daniela Talia, biologist and close collaborator of Renzo Cattaneo in the Blendfeel Lab, the place where are born all the creations by the italian company.

Ready to learn the secrets and characteristics of the shot aroma Talius? There has been a lot of talk about it on some facebook groups in recent weeks, so let’s find out what it is and if it is an aroma up to the level of previous Blendfeel flavored creations such as Irish Black, La Vie en Douce or Milano.

Talius Blendfeel Boccetta

Talius is marketed in the 20 ml shot series format inside a 60 ml bottle. To have the 60 ml of e-liquid ready to vape, it will be necessary to add a base of a total of 40 ml of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. We would like to underline the beauty of the label graphics even if the photo of the bottle (you see above) provided by the manufacturer does not do it the justice it deserves.

Perhaps the photo at the beginning of theis review made for The Flavourist by Photokappa photo agency, which has been actively collaborating with our team for some time, is more successful, with the aim of giving a creative and artistic touch to the products of the sector.



But let’s get back to us and read what Blendfeel officially declares on its website about Talius:

Pistachio, white chocolate, coconut and Burley tobacco. The tobacco base of Talius is our Burley Professional, with a full, particularly complex and articulated taste. The flavoring is the result of a careful balance in which the taste of pistachio has prevailed, which is rounded and softened by white chocolate and coconut.

Blendfeel goes on to add the following: “During the tasting of the product, the pistachio is initially felt to end with the tobacco sensation emphasized by the persistence of a delicate coconut that accompanies the taste, appreciable even after the vape.The pistachio that you can find has a characteristic natural imprint that highlights the care in the selection of this aroma. The harmony of taste and its perfect balance allow it to be used for a long time, gradually identifying new aromatic nuances.

The Tobacco Aroma (R) extracts are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research takes place meticulously and the products arrive in our production plant directly from the producers identified in the growing areas. This concentrated aroma is qualified as LL-LONG LIFE, characterizing its best duration before compromising the physical characteristics of coil and cotton.”

white burley


The beginning of the smell test immediately places us in front of an aroma with a clear creamy imprint. The scent of pistachio definitely stands out, bursts and stands out decisively among all the elements that make up the aromatic score of this aroma. The Talius pistachio is tasty and also quite realistic although I believe it’s a synthetic aroma; pistachio is flanked by faint hints of coconut and a subtle creamy trail that actually seems to remember the scent of a white chocolate bar quite well.

Even with a prevalence of pistachio notes, the balance between these three ingredients appears very well thought out and the balance seems absolutely impeccable to me, as long as we forget about tobacco. Oh yes, because the Burley tobacco mentioned in the description is the great absent as well as the loser of this smell test. Desperately looking for Burley…


Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA BVC single coil 0.7 ohm + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0.9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

limit mtl rta gunmetal   innokin ares 2 mtl rta 24mm 4ml

For today’s vape test I decided to rely on Kizoku Limit (with Aspire coil) and Innokin Ares 2 atomizers. At the cost of being more and more boring and unpopular, I repeat that no one will ever convince me of the fact that to vape well you don’t need to have a rigorously high-end and also quite expensive device.

On vape Talius immediately attracts my attention because it shows a very harmonious and enveloping e-liquid. It certainly has a winter soul, gives warmth and sweetness to every puff and does not disappoint the excellent expectations created with the smell test. The pistachio takes shape and takes center stage during inhalation and transfers that sense of naturalness felt during the olfactory test to my palate.


I have no doubts in asserting that it is the main ingredient of this recipe, the one to which Daniela Talia has decided to give more emphasis for Talius. Even the central phases of the puff are characterized by the presence of pistachio which continues to impose itself within the mix with all its aromaticity and intrinsic sweetness, just as if it were a real Bronte pistachio. The bouquet then arrives delicate and sinuous towards the tail notes, with an always sweet and round puff, and reveals during the exhalation graceful and almost creamy coconut glazes, which fade emerging from an imperceptible woody background.

And although pistachio is the ingredient and the main actor of this creation, I do not hesitate to tell you that in my opinion it’s the coconut, with its supporting role, to unleash an impeccable acting, with its after vape aromatic persistence that, if we were in the movie industry, I would not hesitate to define it as an Oscar interpretation.

cioccolato bianco


Talius is undoubtedly an e-liquid created with great care and packaged with equal meticulousness and skill. The pistachio elements at the beginning, and coconut at the end, are what this tobacco-creamy mix revolves around; white chocolate, it’s difficult to identify but still present, provides the creamy frame within which the two main ingredients move. And the Burley tobacco? If I said that it is perceived well, within the bouquet, I would be shamelessly lying, and if I said that you can recognize a slight dry, slightly woody nuance that is typical of Burley, I would be lying the same and again.

To close I wonder: why classify an e-liquid as a flavored tobacco when in the end it is not? I think that if we consider it a creamy e-juice, we can say it’s really a high quality e-liquid…

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

ico 3.5

Pro: Lovable post vape aromatic persistence with a delicate sensation of coconut on the palate

Cons: Another tobacco flavored according to the current flavored style: very flavored and very little tobacco