Concentrate review: Tallak (Vape Institut)

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Base: 50% VG / 50% PG

Data scadenza: n.a.

Devices:  NarDa coil 0.7 ohm Kanthal A1 26awg  0.40mm with Muji cotton



Still an aroma. Surely anyone who knows me knows that I am not much given to make use of aromas to be diluted, apart from tobacco extracts, inevitably. I willingly trusted the advice of JokerKappa and one of my merchants of trust and I decided to buy some, more suitable to my tastes, this line of French flavor, the Vape Institut manufacturer, in particular the Tallak, of which there I speak today. Being an aroma there is not much to say about the safety instructions, does not include on the label, all you normally find on a liquid containing nicotine, apart from the triangle on top of the cap. Before I tell you about it I confess that as usual I’ve been busy, using a bit of Google-Fu, to look for information, not so much sull’aroma itself, but the origin of the name … there are printed on the label, apart from the Institut Vape brand, fingerprints difficult to define, I would say feline, but putting Tallak on any search engine, NOTHING to do with animals or cakes comes out … I will stay with this doubt, I think eventually I’ll have to ask guidance to the manufacturer. It ‘s my fixation, whenever a liquid or a flavor, I need to know what inspired the aromatiere, the reason for the name, because just those ingredients … until today, with a few exceptions, the’ only one of which still remain in the dark is the Tallak Vape Institut. I like to think that behind every creation, there is a leitmotif inspired.

My choice fell on this in particular for ingredients of which consists, I quote from the manufacturer, hazelnuts, milk, vanilla and cream, that in matters of SVAPO remain aromas of which I am actually fond. In fact the sense of smell is the aroma itself, and in the diluted and left to rest for a few days, is exactly that, a kind of vanilla with hints of hazelnut and hints of caramel, which I, personally, I attribute to the presence of milk. A creamy nice, then, one of those that I like to call “dark” and “full-bodied”.

The first drops of Tallak traveling quickly on the coil and smell the steam leaves no doubt, the caramel scent is accentuated, even you can hear the notes of toasted hazelnuts, a really satisfying fragrance. I make the first pitch and I get hit by a, as they like to call it the French, “tourbillon” of sensations … the caramel is definitely there, but it’s not the usual heavy caramel and after a little stove, is lightweight, wraps notes of toasted hazelnuts and vanilla, which remain on the palate, lulled by the scent of milk and cream, none of the ingredients “clashes” with each other and is a pleasure with every mouthful. So far we are looking at what I can define an amiable “all-day-vape”, which fits well to the morning coffee or the delicacy of a cappuccino, absolutely not out of place in any of his notes even on a whiskey cream or amaretto, in short, well-dosed ingredients.

I therefore wonder why every line seems you’re going to criticize harshly or you get the feeling that something “does not come back” with this Tallak?

It is easily understood. The liquid is good, no rain and it is well balanced, certainly more than many others with these same ingredients, the only thing is that it did not make me cry out to the “miracle”, because unfortunately is very similar to others of the genre, the aftertaste, the taste remains on the palate is absolutely recognizable, the belle of Tallak thing, is not so much her “after”, since the same moment of inhalation, it is definitely his strong point, what makes it certainly different. In some respects, in inhalation, much resembles a toffee, which breaks down immediately after the steam completely sent in the lungs, but this really take it with pliers … is my perception, the memories gone.


No doubt it is a wonderful discovery, surely if you are curious or simply attracted to these “dark flavor”, is the flavor that suits you. My final thought is always the same about the French … they’re really making great strides in the eliquid world, a way to combine the flavors absolutely reflects the savoir faire that has always characterized our cousins across the Alps (for you … across the Channel for me …)

One last note about the dilution. I opted for a 10/11% on a 50/50 basis, but certainly if you use a full VG or a 80/20, I recommend you go overboard with the flavoring, also type a bit more than 20%, remember that contiente milk / cream and vanilla aromas that if brought to certain wattages tend to “cook” and to give different sensations.

Suggested dilution: 10-15%

Steeping time: 7 gg

ico 4

Pro: a very well-balanced flavor …

Cons: certainly for many a “deja vu”