Name and Format: Tamar (Sang Real by Angolo della Guancia) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – distributed by Svapodromo

Batch: 75301

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared Base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 03/2022

Devices: Kizoku Kirin tube mod + Kizoku limit MTL RTA single coil 1.2 ohm (Nichrome 80 28 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Today I’mgoing to taste and ttest the last aroma by Sang Real brand born, as mentioned in the previous articles, from the collaboration between the manufacturing company Angolo della Guancia and the well-known distribution brand Svapodromo. Sang Real is a line of three flavored extracted tobacco aromas: Josephes, Joshua and Tamar. The format in which they are marketed is the classic shot format 20 + 40, 20 ml of aroma inside a 60 ml chubby gorilla bottle. 40 ml of base will be added to the aroma (at the discretion of the user, the nicotine presence) to obtain the liquid ready to vape in the recommended composition VPG 50/50. The graphics of the labels are very accurate, made in an elegant fantasy-vintage style.

After talking to you about Josephes and Joshua, today I conclude my journey with Tamar, as described on the official distributor’s website:

Tesoro prezioso da sempre celato al mondo a causa della sua vera natura … Essenziale come le miglior foglie di Virginia, pungente come dolci prugne essiccate al sole e armoniosa come la panna che la completa. Tamar è sinonimo di Coraggio.

A precious treasure that has always been hidden from the world because of its true nature … Essential like the best Virginia leaves, pungent like sweet sun-dried plums and harmonious like the sweet cream that completes it. Tamar is synonymous with courage.


The usual smell test that precedes the vape test, shows an e-juice with evident creamy features. The nose perceives the scent of a creamy base that reminds me a good whipped cream, even if accompanied by a hint of acidity. I don’t think this acidity is attributable to cream, it would be extremely strange and perhaps not a particularly pleasant effect in vaping; on the contrary, I tend to think that this infinitesimal acidity is due to the presence of plums, to the tasting notoriously sweet but at the same time endowed with slight acid and penetrating nuances.

In this smell test, the sweet component of the plums is masked by the body and creaminess of the cream which evidently dominates all the other components of the mix. In fact, the aromatic contribution of tobacco is also missing, which is largely foreseeable in the presence of a light tobacco such as Virginia.

It is natural to expect a change in the aromatic balance of Tamar during the vape test, which unlike the smell test, should be able to better reveal the presence of the extracted tobacco.


As for Joshua’s review, I decided to do the official test of Tamar with the Kizoku Limit MTL RTA. I will be boring, but I continue to maintain with full conviction that it is an unbeatable atom for its value for money and above all for its balance and its incredible versatility.

Tamar is a soft and sinuous e-liquid and proves it immediately. Remarkable is the amalgam with which the bouquet occurs during all phases of vaping, showing a truly commendable uniqueness of taste. It is different from its brothers Josephes and Joshua because it is less multifaceted and more oriented to propose itself as an aromatic ensemble, a fusion of ingredients, which generates a new and almost unique flavor. The differences between the different moments of the puff are minimal, but this, contrary to what one might think, does not reduce its undoubted qualities.

On inspiration I can grasp the intersection between the Virginia vegetable notes and the fruity component; Virginia and plums seem to reciprocally exchange their aromatic properties, in an aromatic fusion of absolute elegance. A mantle of whipped cream wraps tobacco and fruit, giving Tamar’s body notes a laudable fullness of taste.

I perceive a superb harmony between the vegetal and slightly straw scents of Virginia, the penetrating sweetness of the plums and the velvety creaminess of the whipped cream. All the credit is in the sensitivity of the falvourist’s hand, whose artistic touch traces soft aromatic brush strokes on the canvas.

Tamar is a sinuous and light wave of pleasure, which lays down on the beach from the open sea with infinite delicacy. The palate captures without any embarrassment and difficulty the refinement with which this e-liquid was conceived which, although decidedly more flavored oriented than other flavored recipes, bewitches with every puff without ever tiring. Its natural sweetness is pure emotion and pleasure for the palate, a sensory catharsis even for those with more rough and strong tobacco inclinations.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeeping time: ready to vape, recommended 2-3 days

Pro: Thetraces of this flavored tobacco are very refined aromatic brush strokes