Name: Tance Max (Eleaf) – Pod Mod – received by the manufacturer

Type: Pod Mod

Colors: White, Seablue, Black, Geometry, SeaShell, Trick

Price: ~ € 25

Eleaf presents Tance Max, a new pod mod with a big battery

It has become more and more complicated to write and make reviews concerning the most widespread e-cig of the moment, the pod mods; the market is so full of them that identifying truly deserving and innovative ones has become a very difficult task.

Eleaf, a world leader in the device vape manufacturing, has recently presented two pod systems that have aroused our curiosity and of many operators in the sector: Tance and Tance Max pod mod. The Flavourist in this article will focus on the Tance Max test, the “oversized” version of Tance.


1 x Tance Max Battery
1 x Tance Max Cartridge (4ml non Eu compliant)
1 x GS Air M 0.6ohm Head Mesh Kanthal (offering 8-20W output)
1 x GS Air S 1.6ohm Head SS316L (Offering 6-10W output)
1 x Type C Cable
1 x User Manual


Tance Max is a device that from the first approach is massive, solid and also quite showy. It is made of zinc alloy and has two main panels with a mosaic pattern with a pleasant knurled effect and a chrome-effect on the sides and the bottom. The edges are all rounded and also its lower part is very rounded. When you look at it, it does not escape its highlighter pen shape, the most used for the majority of pod mods on the market. The design therefore has nothing particularly innovative, except for the pod and for its unusual duck bill line.

In addition to its rather showy silhouette, what is most striking is the weight of the device which, on the one hand returns a feeling of extreme solidity, on the other it appears immeasurable in relation to its size. Tance Max in our hand seems decidedly heavier than its actual weight.


There are two types of cartridges available for Tance Max, both of which are magnetically and solidly attached to the battery body, with a reversible dock and without having to worry about accidental detachment. We therefore have a TPD compliant cartridge with a capacity of 2 ml, or a standard cartridge capable of holding 4 ml of e-liquid. The two pods are equipped with GS Air series head coil for which, for this new pod mod, the manufacturer created two new models:

  • GS Air M 0,6 ohm head, Kanthal mesh coil (range 8-20W) for flavor chasing or MTL airy vaping;
  • GS Air S 1.6 ohm head, in SS316L (range 6-10W) for a pure MTL experience and with dry-burn protection system.

The head coil are screwed on a small circular base equipped with a ring for air control (it has four small holes).

The weight of Tance Max is around 90 grams and differs by a few grams depending on the cartridge fitted; the TPD version weighs exactly 90 grams, the standard one weighs about 2.5 grams less. The 90 g weight of the mod pod is distributed over a length of 101 mm, a width of 31.2 mm and a thickness of 20.5 mm.

These are not measures that can be defined as contained for this type of e-cig, but they are to a large extent justified by the built-in 1100 mAh battery, equipped with a USB type C charging system, able to complete a recharge within in an hour or less (during the recharge a red indicator light indicates that the device is under charge; when recharging is completed, the light goes off).

Few and essential are the functionalities of the device, a feature that our team does not consider as a negative element at all, because we are always of the idea that a pod mod even before being equipped with numerous technical solutions, must offer first of all autonomy and maximum ease of use. With Tance Max, in fact, you have simply to press five clicks on the fire button to turn on/off the device and then press the fire button to vape! Nothing could be simpler.

Perhaps lovers of pod systems with technical solutions worthy of the most advanced systems will be disappointed, The Flavourist honestly not.

The activation button has an indicator light that indicates the state of charge of the battery: green light for a charge between 100% and 60%, blue light between 59% and 20% and red light for a charge level below 20%.

Among the technical features of this e-cig, some protection systems must be mentioned, which must never be lacking on these devices:

  • over time protection for a vaping time exceeding continuous 15 seconds;
  • short circuit protection;
  • low voltage protection that switch off the device when the battery voltage drops below 3.3V;
  • protection against coil that are too low or high (the device goes into protection if it detects coils with less than 0.3 ohms and greater than 3.0 ohms).


The operations of removing and replacing the heads from the cartridge are not at all complicated. First it is necessary to unscrew the circular base located under the pod, then subsequently proceed with unscrewing the head from this base. The operation to refill the liquid is just as easy: once the pod has been removed from the battery and upside down, it will be sufficient to rotate the refill window about 120 degrees in the direction indicated by the arrow. The filling hole, small as it may seem, did not cause any kind of setback, even though there was no second air hole vent on the pod.


Tance Max is a pod mod designed essentially for a MTL vaping, a little more airy if you use the GS Air M 0.6 ohm head, and pure MTL with the 1.6 ohm head. It is however a quite flexible device, thanks to the excellent airflow control. Also stands out its pronounced hit, an element in our opinion very positive because it does not oblige the vaper to increase the e-liquid nicotine concentration (a typical problem for pod mods at least until some time ago).

We will now analyze the aromatic performances distinguishing between the two heads supplied:

  • GS Air M 0.6 ohm aroma test – the hit is extremely pronounced, the aromatic spectrum is not very wide but its tone appears rather marked. The cloud production is satisfactory and overall the aromatic yield is very good expecially with 2-3 open air holes.
  • GS Air S 1.6 ohm aroma test – the hit is decent and compared to the GS Air M 0.6, the aromatic spectrum is certainly wider even if the aroma load is lower. The cloud production is moderate (it’s ok for an e-cig with a output power between 6 and 10W). In summary, the aromatic performance of this head is good (we recommend using it with 1-2 open air holes) but perhaps slightly lower than the GS Air M.

We complete the Tance Max’s performances chapter, talking about the battery, certainly the flagship of this device. Already in itself an 1100 mAh battery guarantees excellent autonomy, but in the case of Tance Max, Eleaf has done much more, managing to optimize consumption to perfection with the heads provided. With Tance Max it is practically impossible not to be able to get to the end of the day, even with the GS Air S you can even be able to vape for two days consecutively.

So is everything absolutely positive about this Tance Max? Well, just not everything…

According to our team’s opinion, the duck bill pod’s shape, although innovative and unique, is not among the most comfortable tested so far. Nothing dramatic because you get used to it, but maybe its ergonomics for the lips should be slightly improved.

Likewise, the aesthetics of this device has not convinced us completely, although in this case we know very well that this is absolutely a subjective point. The appearance is not very minimal and too flashy, it has not breached our hearts.


Eleaf’s Tance Max is a pod mod that deserves some attention within the overcrowded pod system landscape. Although it’s not so light, it is still a pocket-sized and handy device that defends itself very well in terms of aromatic yield and above all has an amazing battery life!

Suggested to: newbies, skilled and hardcore vapers.

  • 8/10
    In the Box - 8/10
  • 7.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 7.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Features - 7.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Coiling, Wicking and Filling - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8.5/10

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