Name: Target Mini II (Vaporesso) – Kit with VM Tank 22 atomizer – Kit received by the manufacturer

Format: 2000 mAh built-in battery

Max Power: 50 Watt

Colors: Silver, Black, Red, Teal

Price: ~ € 60

It’s back! Here’s the Target Mini II by Vaporesso

Vaporesso, one of the most innovative and prolific vaping manufacturers, offers us today an upgrade of one of its most successful mods, the Target Mini. We are therefore about to discover all the improvements that the manufacturer introduced compared to the first version of the mod. The Target Mini II is presented in combination with the VM Tank 22.

Let’s start by looking at the contents of the package.


1 x Target Mini II Mod
1 x VM Tank 22 (2ml)
1 x EUC CCELL coil 1.0 ohm (pre-installed)
1 x EUC MESHED coil 0.6 ohm
1 x Extra glass tube
3 x O-ring
1 x Disassembly tool
1 x USB cable
1 x Warranty card


Vaporesso has always stood out as a manufacturer of cutting-edge hardware both in terms of technological innovation and purely aesthetic. The Target Mini II is very similar in shape to its older sister, and retains a somewhat captivating and absolutely modern aesthetic. Indeed in our opinion, the youngest from the Target Mini family, presents finishes if we want more minimal and elegant than the previous box.

The VM Tank 22 with which the mod is combined, has more standard lines and a decidedly more classical aesthetic, but overall we notice that it matches very well with the mod.

As always happens when dealing with Vaporesso products, this kit also provides an excellent sense of solidity and strength. Its build quality seems worthy of that of the so-called high-end products. The finishes are absolutely perfect and we not noticed any kind of imperfection in any aspect of the product.


The Target Mini II was designed and built to be a mod with high ergonomics; its rounded corners, the absence of edges and protrusions have been designed to perfection to guarantee a solid and safe grip. The box holds well, although we noticed that its ultra-compact dimensions, if on one side guarantee a portability at the highest level for a kit of this kind (the total weight of 165 grams is to be considered more than decent), from the other poin of view, it slightly reduce the feeling between the hands. Obviously it is absolutely relative and dependent on the size of the hand holding the mod; smaller hands will find the kit extremely comfortable and convenient.


The Target Mini II is a mod with integrated 2000 mAh battery and measures 63 mm in height, 37.2 mm in width and has a thickness of 25.7 mm. The overall weight of the device is approximately 112 grams, it is not a mod featherweight, but certainly its weight allows it to restore the sense of robustness mentioned earlier. Note that compared to the older sister, the battery capacity has been increased by a good 600 mAh, going from the previous 1400 mAh to the current 2000 mAh, with an increase in weight of less than 20 gr. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the presence of the OMNI 4.2 circuit has further optimized performance and battery life.

The display has been slightly enlarged from 0.49″ to the current 0.66″ and is definitely rich in information, although in our opinion its brightness, although if set to maximum, it’s not enough. The maximum output power that the mod is able to supply has increased compared to the first version of Target Mini: 50W against the previous 40W.

The box turns on/off with the canonical 5-click sequence close to the fire button, while with 3 close clicks of the same button it’s possible to active/deactive the key lock function.

There are many functions available on this mod:

  • By-pass mode (Direct output voltage mode depends on battery level, supported coil resistance range: 0.05-5 ohm);
  • VW-H/VW-N/VW-S mode ( it will automatically select the adequate average wattage for your atomizer If you switch between different ohms resistance);
  • Smart mode (It is a advanced Variable Wattage mode, when smart function is enable, it can change intensity according to the coils resistance levels within a safe limit in VW-H/N/S mode);
  • CCW mode (Custom Curve of Wattage mode – To use the up and down buttons to customize you own curve of wattage output line ,move to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button,press the mode button to save and exit when setting is done);
  • CCV mode (Custom Curve of Voltage mode – In this mode, you can use the up and down buttons to customize you own curve of voltage line ,move on to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button , press the mode button to save and exit when all modifications are done);
  • VV mode (Variable Voltage mode – You can manually adjust the voltage to match the resistances of the coil you use, the higher resistance of the coil you use, the higher voltage it require correspondingly);
  • SS/NI/TI mode (Variable temperature control mode for Stainless Steel/Nickel/Titanium material. The device can separately support Nickel 200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel coils smartly , it will intelligently adjust temperature control parameters based on the heating wire material’s resistance value you use, also it allows you to change the startup wattage);
  • SP mode (Super Player mode – In this mode, it will support broader resistance range from 0.03Ω to 5Ω, which is adaptive to mainstream rebuildable devices);
  • M1/M2 mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance – You can choose your own manual setting and set the TCR at different values within proper range, below show the recommend range of the heating material).

In addition to the numerous vaping modes, the Target Mini II circuit allows you to set the date and time, the brightness of the screen which, as anticipated above, in our opinion remains insufficient in any case, the counting of the puffs and the activation of the AUTO function ON/OFF, which if activated eliminates any difficulty in switching between the different VW modes.

The 2000 mAh battery, from the tests carried out by our team, offers overall a good vaping autonomy, even if the same is strongly dependent on the value of the resistance of the atom, the power of vaping and the adopted vape mode. We analyze in more detail the battery life with the two headcoils supplied with VM tank 22. We deal with it in the paragraph dedicated to the atomizer.

In general, however, we were very satisfied with the responsiveness and stability provided by the OMNI 4.2 circuit.


The Target Kit Mini II is extremely compact and easy to use, especially if you vape in variwatts without necessarily having to try out the settings of the other vaping functions provided by the circuit. Whatever the case may be, we can say with conviction that the device is still very intuitive and far from complicated to use.

Vaporesso has succeeded in creating a product that is rather rich in functions but at the same time easy to use and accessible to everyone.


The Target Mini II kit is combined with the VM Tank 22 atomizer, also used in the VM Solo 22 kit and in the VM Stick 18 kit (18 mm diameter version atomizer). The VM Tank 22 therefore has a diameter of 22 mm, it is 49 mm high including pin 510, and weighs a little over 50 gr. Mounted on the Target Mini II makes the entire kit reach a length of 107 mm, managing to be 1 mm lower than the first kit version.

In our opinion, the construction quality of the VM Tank 22 is good but not excellent, but we must always remember that it is a medium-low level product. The VM Tank 22 is perfectly in line from the constructive point of view with the other atomizers by Vaporesso, all of good quality but slightly inferior to the quality of its mods, always robust and innovative.

The VM Tank 22 has a capacity of 2 ml and is easily refillable from above simply by unscrewing the top cap. Equally easy is the insertion of the headcoil which is done by unscrewing the base of the tank. The base of the VM tank has a slot for airflow of approximately 11 x 1.5 mm. By turning the ring on the base of the tank you can choose to use five single 1 mm holes (which can be split as desired) or the large air slot.

The headcoils included in the kit are two, a 1.0 ohm CCELL coil and a 0.6 ohm MESHED coil. Both types of heads do not have any thread for screwing, because in fact they lodge and are held between the tank and the base of the same simply with o-ring seal. The operation therefore of replacing the headcoils is absolutely super easy.

Let us now analyze the aromatic performance of the VM Tank 22, distinguishing between the two different heads that the manufacturer proposes:

  • EUC CCELL coil 1.0 ohm – ceramic and cotton head designed for MTL vape. The puff is soft and silent and by using the single airflow holes it is possible to have a pure MTL vaping (recommended from 1 to 3 open holes). Aromatically speaking, the performance of this head is more than good, even if we did not miss a slight compression of the aromatic score with all the liquids used in our tests. With this head it is advisable to use liquids that are not too dense, in our opinion the ideal is a VPG ratio of no more than 60/40. The steam production is dry and rather modest, but the longevity of the head is high (about two weeks of constant use), as very good is the battery life of the Target Mini II which will easily finish an entire vaping day.
  • EUC MESHED coil 0.6 ohm – ceramic head and tea fiber for direct to lung vaping. Tea Fiber cotton is a recent solution already adopted by some manufacturers, which should guarantee a better absorption of the liquid and a better aromatic yield. With this head we recommend the use of the completely open air slot and to reach around 30W of power. The puff is more airy and inevitably it is much less silent, but it is still sufficiently soft and fluid and the steam production is much more copious. Even from an aromatic point of view the Meshed coil behaves very well, giving back a round and rather well-faceted flavor, in short, a satisfying flavor chasing vape. Another merit note for this headcoil is represented by its longevity certainly not inferior to the CCELL coil. The same thing cannot be said for the battery life: with the MESHED coil it will be practically impossible to finish your vaping day.


Target Mini II Kit is a well-built and very versatile mid-range kit. The mod is simple to use but also able to satisfy the needs of vaper plus “vape geeks”. Even the VM Tank 22 is an atomizer capable of performing well in both MTL and DTL configurations, and above all thanks to the quality of its headcoils. Vaporesso, confirms to be a guarantee, its vape solutions are always prove reliable and marketed at competitive prices.


Recommended to: newbies and skilled vapers.

  • 8/10
    In the Box - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Design & Build Quality - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Functions & Performances - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Ease of use - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Atom & Flavor - 8.5/10

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