E-liquid review: Tartine (The Fuu) 20 ml – ricevuto dal produttore

Batch: TRF03-001

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  70% VG – 30% PG

Expiry date: 10/2017

Devices: Joyetech Cuboid 150W + Aromamizer RDA dual coil (stainless steel 316L 28 awg, 32 mm) 0.4 ohm with japanese organic cotton

Tartine, produced by The Parisian Fuu, is another absolute firstling in the panorama of European e-liquids. The Flavourist, as happened a few weeks ago with Sublime Cacao , has the pleasure and honor to tell you about it today but, as always before we start…

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Tartine bottle is an elegance disarming, I love it: black glass, child proof cap and dropper-tipped beak, label in modern style on a silver background with a kind of “brush” black that gives way to the texts in black or silver colored. Information on the label are the same views for the Sublime Cacao, so those interested can read them here.

As happened for Sublime Cacao, also in this case they are not in possession of an official description of the product, the only information available are those listed under his name:

Strawberry Jam Toast

The project is ambitious and not simple, not so much for the amount of ingredients used and to be brought into balance but for what ultimately the e-liquid intends to create. Just imagine what can be complex, structured and nuanced flavour that is created nell’addentare a toast smeared with butter and jam. Imagine it and you will understand what kind of difficulty speak.

Tartine nose reveals a vaguely alcoholic scent, strawberry and so much good in the innermost recesses of its molecules buttery note that emerges pale but sufficiently audible.
What is certain is that the more you can not ask our nose, especially for such a recipe, and therefore rely on my trusty Aromamizer RDA the task to accompany me among the sinuous and the most fragrant notes of this Tartine.

The aromatic base of the recipe is characterized and is essentially based on the ingredient toast, on which are then “coated” the other two elements of the preparation. The toast flavour brings to mind a kind of aroma scent “crust” which many experts in the DIY know well; the taste is dry, not sweet and makes it, in my opinion, quite well the feeling of toasted sandwich bread. And ‘an aroma crust on one side devoid of any sweet gradient and on the other with the addition of a touch of “toasted”.

The aromatic construction of this e-liquid is not simple, because it enters a soil in which the softness of taste must never exceed, but must emerge in a balanced way and only by some ingredients (strawberry and partly butter).


Tartine at vape never takes a unique tasting direction: alternates more neutral scent to some sweet facets so that it seems almost a gamble to call a sweet liquid. The aromatic note, anything but monotonous, makes Tartine a well thought out creation and successful because that is how it must be a toast with jam in reality. Those who expect to be enveloped in a sweet strawberry will be disappointed, no doubt.

The top notes are dry and dry, and remember well the flavour of a toast blowing hot and crisp from his toaster. These notes are the prelude to jam and butter mix that instead emerges clearly in the middle phase of the inhale before in exhalation strawberry mastered a bit ‘more of the scene with scents such delicate as soft and fragrant.
The whole is pleasant and personally I enjoyed Fuu The attempt to recreate this classic European breakfast. The degree of loyalty of Tartine a real toast with butter and strawberry jam is quite high and close to reality, a reality that probably for this type of recipe may never be reached.

Overall the liquid is lovable and not boring; its very well balanced alternation between soft strawberry and dry taste of toast, making it an excellent all day, a good product for all seasons and especially able to flawlessly to keep the disparate temperatures vape.

Gentlemen, as far as I’m concerned, is better breakfast bread, butter and jam than a marshmallow and multicolor American cereals …

ico 4

Pro: The idea of recreating the “bread, butter and jam” however difficult, is well managed.

Cons: Commercially penalizes insufficient softness and the lack of a hint of sweet more.