illusions vapor

E-liquid review: Taste of Gods (Illusions Vapor) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: TG317050317

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 80VG – 20PG

Expiry date: 05/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,42 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

The Flavourist returns to Canada with a brand new review for you. A nation in full creative and productive ferment that is claiming, with great resonance in the international scene of the vaping. It will be a journey of strong aroma contrasts with intense emotions under the scratch mark of the Illusion Vapor brand.

20170614 174814 01

In my hands … Taste of Gods! A presumptuous name? We’ll find out together.

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The product Illusion Vapor respects the regulations in force in Europe. The international character of the brand allows these productions to be marketed anywhere in the world. Ready for everything!

Here is the description of Taste Of Gods:

Experience the sweet exotic taste of Black Currant, infused with coconut and finished with a hint of fresh juicy pineapple sorbet. Delicate and refreshing.

Olfactory examination has a pleasant and delicate impact. The fruity notes are soft and they almost seem to be fused together in a new and vibrant note of intense and vivid resonance. The velvety currant enjoys the vigor of precious coconut. The most woody part of this aroma is completely reminiscent of smell. An aromatic completeness, framed by an ananas with low natural expression, but very delicate and harmonious. The sensation of smelling something superior and sophisticated leaves much hope.


Here, even at the first breath, though captured by the tasty body of Taste of Gods, I immediately deny the presence of aromas or additives that can simulate an ananas sorbet. It is the case that, instead of using the term “sorbet”, the mark should have used the term “sherbet” which identifies the flavoring powder that makes it possible to make … a sorbet. In this case a pineapple sorbet. How are we stinging!

ananas sciroppata

The head note is undoubtedly just the pineapple in a dress similar to the classic syrupy pineapple. Sweet, not exactly faithful to the natural taste of the fruit but sublime in its aromatic contribution to the recipe. The currant has a soft exfoliation, well-bonded with the other ingredients. The fullness of the coconut aroma is seductive and exotic. The coconut gives the mix a fragrant and mysterious character. Taste of Gods in short.

Noce di cocco aperta

A perfect blend of exotic, subtle fragrances, retained by black currant aroma. Very mild herbaceous faces are alongside a perceived aromatically well balanced and tasty. Equally pleasing, intense aromatic persistence. This is exhorted through a caledoscope of well-modulated flavors and colors, in which the ingredients – few in reality – swap the roles inviting us to the other mouth.

ribes nero

Taste of Gods seems to be dedicated to the pleasure of the senses. The desire to regain an inner equilibrium equally to the wise balancing of the elegant ingredients. The description of the brand ends with “delicate and refreshing”. Temperatures too high or chain vaping in reality, they risk flattening their taste. Of Taste of Gods I can confirm the delicacy, but not the freshness. The term included in the description of the product, which in a fruity would usually suggest the use of additives such as menthol or koolada. Items not in this recipe. The deep nostrils have to be slow and the most airy atoms let you appreciate the wide range of notes that characterize every single ingredient. It would have been more appropriate to indicate it as a tonic e-liquid. It seems obvious to me that moderate creaminess is useful to round off the droppings. This e-liquid moves a meditative elegance that approaches nature, then moves us to the divine and the otherworldly with simple ingredients. Aromaticly well cared for and certainly result in a careful development phase. Certain results are never achieved by luck. Maybe his name will look presumptuous. It’s a great fruity recipe. It is different especially for the care with which it was made.

ico 4

Pro: Flavors well cared for by refined modulation. Well-balanced and energetic recipe. Pleasant “all day”.

Contro: Nothing to report. Some terms in the product description, provided by the brand, are not found in the tasting.