Attitude Vape

E-liquid review: The Mistress (Attitude Vapes) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 250184

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% VG – 60% PG

Expiry date: may 2018

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin 25 top air dual coil 0,39 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Alluring and seductive, the Mistress of The Attitude vapes illustration seems to promise an exhilarating experience. A new icon is ready to be reviewed by The Flavourist.

The Mistress Attitude Vapes

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The description of The Mistress, does not leave much to the imagination. I think this is a good thing. I appreciate it. Attitude vapes, tends to simply list the basic ingredients of the recipes. It becomes so easy understand whether a liquid can be concerned.

English Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream.

The mix does not seem anything particularly complex. Tie the strawberry to a creamy flavor, both ice cream, cream or other, it is now established practice. In short, a recipe for years protagonist of our home productions. Besides the right dose, the correct ratio of aromatic ingredients, and their quality determines the pleasantness or naturalness of the final result. I’d not too enchanted by “English Strawberry”.

gelato fragola

The sniff test, unfortunately, is not a particularly uplifting. Impossible not to feel the strawberry flavor. A very simple flavour. In this case poor, sour smell and already wrapped in a rather unpleasant rancid frame. It ‘hard to detect traces of the basic elements of an aroma that can be associated with a vanilla ice cream. My disappointment, will not stop this review.

The test of vaping, all my fears are confirmed. The strawberry flavor is plastic. Chemical dramatically. A molecular mess, typical of the mixture of flavoring, reveals an excess of certain molecules. The result is the formation of empty tastes and glazes and devoid of a precise connotation in the field of the real. Known elements connected all’etilmaltolo and Vanillin, but the dominant scent is always that of rancid strawberry. They are different, in fact, the aromas that I can feel. Aromas from “DIY” evidently used to simulate what should be a vanilla ice cream.

The structure of The Mistress  is not sweet. Acid and bitter aftertaste remains perceptible in aromatic persistence. We should be wrapped in fragrant clouds of steam load sumptuous hints of strawberry embellished by the typical sweet creaminess of the latest trends. On the contrary, experience has bad smell and the perception is harsh. Needless to play with the power to look for what is not there. Here’s how a simple recipe proves a resounding disatro. This recipe is technically devoid of an aromatic meaning. Sometimes it seems to vape a yogurt to low-quality strawberry. At other times it seems a medication flavored for children. The scent of old, fermented always accompanies svapata.

The absence of nicotine in the sample of this liquid ready provided by the manufacturer dispels any doubts about the possible “fermentation” of nicotine with the base. Here’s to you the final response of The Flavourist for The Mistress of Attitude vapes.


ico 1

Pro: Nothing to report.

Cons: A mess-free aromatic meaning.