Name e Format: Lemon – The One line (Vaporificio) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: TOL060519

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 05-2021

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II 80W + Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA 24 mm single coil 1.1 ohm (Kanthal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

A few months ago I told you about a line of two flavored tobacco aromas that the historic Italian manufacturing company Vaporificio created in collaboration with the youtube channel ZioSvapo, and which was presented at the 2019 edition of Vapitaly. The line is called The One and its products are Orange and Lemon.

Orange and Lemon are concentrated flavors proposed in classic 60 ml chubby gorillas, containing 20 ml of aroma to which will be added a base to obtain a finished product of 60 ml in a recommended 50/50 composition. In any case, inside the cardboard package, the manufacturer inserted a very practical dilution table to obtain the finished e-liquid in nicotine gradations from 0 to 12 mg/ml.

In our opinion, all the packaging of this line is very well cared for, as well as the information available to the consumer: the product name, the aroma composition, the batch number, the expiry date and the manufacturer’s personal references.

After appreciating the aromatic qualities of the first of the two aromas, Orange, today we test the second, Lemon:

Estratto di tabacco Orientale aromatizzato con scorza di limone e note di vaniglia. Un liquido avvolgente e fresco per uno svapo all day.

Oriental tobacco extract flavored with lemon zest and vanilla notes. An enveloping and fresh e-liquid for an all day vape.


No surprise in the smell analysis of The One Lemon which immediately shows the disruptive power of the lemon and the unmistakable scent emanating from its zest. The citrus scents appear energetic and more natural than ever, no “chemical” shadow hovers around the fruit used to create this recipe. This can only make me satisfied and pleased. The smell test does not actually offer other interesting points of evaluation, as the pungent strength of the lemon prevents the emergence of any other aromatic note especially if, as stated by the manufacturer, the tobacco base is made up of a light tobacco such as the Oriental tobacco.

For the vape test I decided to use the Digiflavor Siren 2 GTA 24mm atomizer, a dated but always efficient product and able to express itself best with certain categories of tobacco flavored, those in which, for example, the flavoring component provides a remarkable contribution in terms of roundness to the e-liquid bouquet.


The lemon does not waste time in being convincingly and naturally noticed during inspiration, but it doesn’t be alone for a long time because the aromatic scene is soon enriched with both the vanilla creamy element and the oriental tobacco base. So while the sourness of the lemon zest is mitigated with superb elegance by a vanilla touch, the tobacco is concerned with wrapping it up with its delicately subtle and spicy tones.

In the heart of the puff I reach the peak of the sensorial experience that Vaporificio masterfully offers me with this creation. The One Lemon takes on the characteristics of a rich and very round tobacco mélange in which the amalgam between Oriental tobacco, the sour lemon stamp and vanilla notes is really high, but without ever resulting in confusion and mess. An excellent aromatic fusion within which, however, you can always grasp the peculiarities of the individual ingredients. An honorable mention, however, must be reserved for the tobacco component of the recipe, the Oriental tobacco that despite its infinite lightness manages to show all the aromatic magic of its small leaves cured in the warm Mediterranean sun.

The e-liquid has a perfectly balanced and never over the top aromatic load; it is the feeling of cleanliness and balance that characterizes this refined this blend from top to bottom. In exhalation, the puff, following a gradual crescendo started with the top notes, becomes even more noticeably soft and sweet, highlighting the persuasive vanilla nuances with greater efficacy, which recline by caressing the palate up to the pleasant after vaping aftertaste.

Vaporificio leaves an indelible mark with The One Lemon. It is incredible that it manages to enchant the taste buds with a blend of rare delicacy and harmony. The One Lemon is a tobacco flavored with moderate and amiable tones in which the tobacco component instead of hiding is enhanced together and thanks to the flavoring ingredients. The triumph of aromatic kindness.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape; recommended 1-2 days

Pro: Enjoyable and refined organic tobacco for all hours, for all days, for all seasons