Name e Format: Orange – The One line (Vaporificio) – Concentrated aroma 20 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 05-2021

Devices: Vaporesso Swag II 80W + Kizoku Limit RTA single coil 1.2 ohm (Ni80 28 AWG 0,32mm) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

Let’s resume the journey between the Vaporificio creations, an historic Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of tobacco extracted, and we do it talking about a mini line of two flavors created in collaboration with the youtube channel ZioSvapo and presented at Vapitaly 2019 in Verona last May. The line is called The One and its products are Orange and Lemon.

Orange and Lemon are concentrated flavors proposed in classic 60 ml chubby gorillas, containing 20 ml of aroma to which will be added a base to obtain a finished product of 60 ml in a recommended 50/50 composition. In any case, inside the cardboard package, the manufacturer inserted a very practical dilution table to obtain the finished e-liquid in nicotine gradations from 0 to 12 mg/ml.

In our opinion, all the packaging of this line is very well cared for, as well as the information available to the consumer: the product name, the aroma composition, the batch number, the expiry date and the manufacturer’s personal references.

The aroma we will test today is Orange:

Il vero ed unico estratto di tabacco Syrian Latakia sapientemente miscelato con arancia e… un ingrediente segreto! Un mix per veri intenditori.

The real and unique Syrian Latakia tobacco extract expertly mixed with orange and … a secret ingredient! A mix for true connoisseurs.

It is undeniable that in Italy, where we hold the absolute world record in terms of extracted tobacco e-liquids, in the last two years there has been a significant increase in the offer of flavored tobacco recipes based on citrus fruits, a combination considered unthinkable and almost outrageous until some time ago and that instead, judging by the increasingly numerous proposals of our manufacturers, is increasingly appreciated by our vaper. The One Orange by Vaporificio fits exactly in this vein, and we are eager to discover all its qualities.


Orange on the nose reveals itself as an aroma of great impact, penetrating and energetic. The scents of the two protagonists of this blend are easily perceptible, the lively one of orange on one side and the typical strong and dark scent of Latakia on the other. They are brave and almost seem to challenge each other with strokes of aroma dealt with great intensity, in an attempt to prevail over each other. The olfactory challenge remains in reality unresolved, without any winner even if, this compelling duel produces as a result, an aroma with scratchy tones that loudly claims our vape test.

For the vape test we decided to use the new and amazing Limit MTL RTA atomizer produced by Kizoku. It is a dual use atomizer (rebuildable and with head coils) with incredible qualities, and it will certainly be one of the protagonist in 2020 within the market of low cost MTL atomizers. It has a very competitive price and excellent performance; if you want to know more, click on the following link for our full review.


On inspiration, the scene is captured by lively and fragrant hints of orange that stand out with dexterity emerging from a slight tobacco background. The citrus and sour notes of the orange manage to mask a lot the tobacco cues which, however perceptible but difficult to distinguish. After a few puffs I realize that the orange flavor is “contaminated” by a minimal spicy component, which seems to give greater vigor and richness to the nuances of the orange. It is precisely in this spicy enrichment that we have to find the secret ingredient mentioned by the manufacturer in the official product description.

We therefore decide to give ourselves additional time and to deepen the aromatic test of the top notes, to understand and try to discover the nature of this secret ingredient.

After a persistent puffs series, we perceive opaque nuances of a delicate mix of cinnamon and cloves. The combination with the orange is not only successful but gives the whole score a tantalizing oriental sensation.

The central phases of the vape give light and greater emphasis to the tobacco component, which finally begins to show itself with greater clarity and decision. A fair woodiness advances from the rear, bringing behind the shadows of a rather dry and dark tobacco even if without the cues that one can and must expect from a Syrian Latakia.

Also in the heart of the puff is the orange that continues to excel between the two contenders of this aromatic dispute, and although the result is highly tasty, the desire to perceive better the king of tobaccos remains on the limelight. Honestly a greater presence of Latakia would not have spoiled in the economy of such a rich and lively boquet.

The Syrian Latakia of Vaporificio (there are not many manufacturers able to boast of the use of the real and original Laodicea tobacco), in this mix it is long to wait and perhaps arrives late on the Orange scene, even if it does showing off all its typical smoky and incense scents. It is a gentle Latakia that at the end of the vape, during the exhalation, vibrates the palate with its subtle spicy and smoked trails, managing to persist elegantly together with the citrus imprint, the true protagonist of this amiable and lively mix.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape; suggested 1-2 days

Pro: Tasty and vibrant tobacco combination between Latakia and orange.

Cons: Latakia is slightly subdued.

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