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E-liquid review: The Raven (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) 60 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base:  50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Lost Vape Therion BF 75 W + Speed Revolution RDA single coil 1.15 ohm (Kanthal A1 28 awg 0.32 mm) with Native Wicks cotton

Today we return to talk about an extracted tobacco e-juice and we do it with the brand that in 2017 won the title of Best Tobacco E-juice at the International Vape E-liquid Award, awarded by The Flavourist. We are talking about Naturally Extracted Tobacco an American company of which we have already reviewed the award-winning Balkan and Bombay.

The e-liquid subject of today’s review is The Raven:

A dark Habano Oscuro wrapper encloses fillers comprised of Cuban-seed leaves from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, which were rested in rum barrels. Rich with dry “leather” notes at the forefront, ending with subtle hints of pepper and coffee, lightly bitter chocolate as the vape continues…

habano oscuro nicaragua

The bottle in my possession is a 60 ml amber glass with childproof cap and eye dropper tip. The product label appears as a typical homemade label and contains information such as business logo, liquid name, extraction type, VPG ratio, nicotine content, mixing date and single warning: keep out of the reach of children. This product obviously is not TPD compliant.

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On the nose this tobacco extract shows a rather strong and deep aromatic tone. Hints of raw tobacco invade my nostrils with force, announcing a strong tobacco vape. A discreet vegetable fragrance embraces evident hints of leather, providing the sensation of being vaping a sturdy and dark tobacco. Happily impressed by the smelltest, I get ready for the nine-day trial.

Habano Oscuro

For the vaping test I opted for a bottom feeder solution with a Speed Revolution on a Therion BF. The resistance of just over 1.0 ohm, as you well know, announces a slow vape and very low wattages. I’m ready.

In the inhalation phase, The Raven appears almost dry and and has aromatic notes that remind me of a fire-cured kentucky tobacco, but without its smoky component. The impact is decisive, particularly suitable for those who prefer vouched tobacco with character and no frills.


The structure of this e-liquid is strengthened in its heart notes, when an earthy background accompanies penetrating hints of leather. Without any smoky nuance, the puff of The Raven in this phase becomes even more shady and decidedly masculine. The dry inspiration cues are blunted in favor of a rich and massive note of treated fresh leather; the perception is very pleasant because it manages to combine strength and vigor with a fullness and roundness of unsuspected taste. The Raven is a liquid whose strength is not perceived by the presence of dry or smoked accents, but by its whole timbre so enveloping and dark. The decadent charm of a dark soul e-liquid.

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At the end of the puff, the most careful and accustomed vapers to this kind of e-liquids, will not miss a slight spiciness that characterizes the exhalation, especially with nasal puffs. To these light spicy nuances are also associated soft bitter nuances that subtly enrich and variegate slightly the entire aromatic structure.

Short and imperceptible moments that almost distract us from the peculiar characteristics of The Raven: a full-bodied tobacco, intense and dark but with great roundness.

The Raven certainly also for its name evokes a seductive romantic gothic atmosphere. I imagine its vapors filling the twilight of a room at dusk, timidly achieved by the dim light of the last rays of the sunset, which with difficulty are insinuated between the glimpses of amaranth draperies hanging from the windows. Deep, intimate and nocturnal

ico 5

Pro: A rich and tasty tobacco with dark and penetrating tones but without smoky notes.

Cons: The back notes are very subtle.