Name and Format: The Valet- Vape Palace line (Sivape) – mix series aroma 50 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: GP22018-VP-THL

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 06-2022

Devices: iJoy Capo Squonk 80w + Wotofo Profile mesh coill 0.18 ohm  con Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

We at the TheFlavourist team are always ready to look around for the best news both in terms of liquids and hardware. Our vision of the world of vape at 360 degrees has allowed us to always discover new producers who certainly find a space on these pages. We have never stopped at market trends alone, but we always try to discover new brands and new creations of this fascinating and ever-expanding world of vape. Wanting to give voice not only to local companies, today we want to talk about the French brand Sivape, certainly not very well known in Italy but which has been present on the market for years and also offers products of certain quality as we have been able to see thanks in the past months, I leave you some links if you want to learn more and try them yourself: Corn Porn, Kisstard, Submarine and The Lobby.

So today it’s the turn of The Valet, from the Vape Palace line, produced as mentioned by Sivape, it is a line with very creamy lines, with a custard base, to which are added different ingredients and something more … in fact as we can discover through the official description of the producer The Valet is:

The Valet est an assemblage aromatique pointu avec différentes notes de vanille, du sucre roux et toujours son petit ingrédient secret. There is a développé par marque est un liquide a gourmand here if vape toute l’année, été comme hiver grâce à une note aromatique très spécifique …

The Valet it is a strong aromatic blend with different notes of vanilla, cane sugar and always its small secret ingredient. This custard developed by the brand is a liqueur a gourmand that is vaped all year, summer and winter thanks to a very specific aromatic note …

Reading the description we immediately understood the intent of the producers. Propose us an eliquid with creamy flavors, very refined but at the same time elegant. Recreating a very special custard rich in vanilla, flavored with a sprinkling of brown sugar. The description, however, also puts the accent on a secret ingredient, of which we are really intrigued and we expect it to be he who makes the heliquid suitable for all seasons, just as specified.

Two words on the bottle in which the liquid appears: minimalist and very clean desing. A completely shiny black background is the background to the name characterized by a bright celestial color and a very stylistic and tapered font. Simple but impactful.


The approach to the olfactory test first of all displaces us. The strongly creamy nature of The Valet, does not emerge approaching the bottle, we also know, well, that it is a highly specialized brand in the creation of recipes in which often the protagonist is the custard cream, which we therefore expect to emerge in the test of SVAPO. The Valet, however, manages to delicately confer a sweet vanilla imprint, surrounded by slightly toasted and bitter notes certainly due to cane sugar. The perfume that emerges from the bottle, however, remains pleasant and very clean, the elements seem well blended and no real little synthetic hints are perceived. All this completes the olfactory range in which we have no trace of the famous secret ingredient, our curiosity increases, who knows what awaits us in the next vaporization test.


The first puff shakes my taste buds. The custard is at the center of this fat and rich steam, which makes you feel soft, full and full-bodied. Very refined in every aspect, in fact the sugar balance is really perfect, never excessive. This certainly also thanks to the cane sugar that is revealed with its slightly toasted notes, embracing the cream and giving it a bitter contrast that goes well with the dessert. In the end, here is the secret ingredient, a slightly hinted sensation of freshness is presented to our palate at the end of the first puff.

But let’s not stop here by going into more detail on the notes of steam. The custard is the sure protagonist of this mixture and in inspiration it makes itself feel soft, full and full-bodied. As perceived in the olfactory phase it realistically transmits all its aromatic elements accompanied by sweet nuances of milk, butter and vanilla. The result is truly remarkable and never exaggerated, very balanced in its sweeter and non-invasive traits. Secondly in the central phase, the toasted notes of cane sugar come into play creating a nice contrast and adding a toasted tip to the liquid, which makes the puff even rounder by “cleaning” the aromatic density of the cream and balancing with notes slightly amarostic however the good presence of sugar. But the final element is really special, the famous secret ingredient is finally revealed, it is a bit of freshness, which is wisely united in the context. It is not absolutely invasive, indeed in some puffs it almost seems to disappear, reappearing at the right time, lightening our palate. The effect is not that icy, we will say a menthol just barely mentioned. An addition that we will be able to quantify in a pinch, which gives justice to the entire aromatic apparatus and which goes in the right direction, satisfying, in our opinion, even non-lovers of the genre.

Pro: An extremely refined and pure tasting creamy e-liquid.

Cons: The “secret” ingredient may not please everyone.