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Name and Format: The Visit (Decima E-liquid) – concentrated flavour 20 ml in a 60 ml bottle – received by the manufacturer

Batch: VS001

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70VG

Expiry date: 06-15-2020

Devices: Innokin Proton 235W + Wotofo Recurve RDA single fused clapton coil 0,34 ohm (Ni80 28 awg x 3 + Ni80 40 awg) with Cotton bacon V.2.0

Let’s start this new reviews week going back to talk about the Decima E-liquid company from Palermo, already protagonist here on our pages thanks to some really excellent creations that we advise you to read as soon as possible if you have not already done so. You will better understand the general quality of the products offered by this company (click here to access the page with all the Decima E-liquid reviews). Today in particular we resume the reviews related to the Galactic Steam Series line, a line of fruity and fresh aromatic shots suitable for the summer season (60 ml easy unicorn bottles containing 20 ml of glycolic flavor). Exuberant in terms of taste and smell lemon and mandarin give back the integrity of the flavor-aroma of the fruit from which they derive. Balanced and delicate mix of exotic and allogenic fruits complete the series. Abduction, Final Space, Contact and Visit are the names of the four creations of this line.

the visit

After talking about the aroma Abduction, today we take care of The Visit:

Gusto fruttato e dolce, prodotto della combinazione di frutti esotici dal sapore vivace in sinergia con il profumo della scorza di lime grattugiata. Un gusto originale ed innovativo che esalta le papille gustative e rende la svapata gradevole e vivace.

A fruity and sweet taste, product of the combination of exotic fruits with a lively flavor in synergy with the scent of grated lime peel. An original and innovative taste that enhances the taste buds and makes the vaping pleasant and lively.

The opening of the bottle for the usual smell test, which as always serves as a trailblazer to the vaporization test, presents a lively and penetrating citrus scent, which takes the stage managing to conceal quite well all the scents that make up the aromatic score of this e-liquid. The citrus scents are particularly pungent and sour and this clearly suggests that there may be a predominant presence of lemon or lime. In this sense, the image above, taken kindly from the manufacturer’s website, would seem to clarify the doubt, illustrating in the foreground the brilliant green of a fresh lime.

Beyond the lime, I still manage to perceive a general frame of clear exotic mold even without being able to identify the individual fruity components.


I decided also in this circumstance, to entrust The Visit to the “clutches” of the Wotofo Recurve RDA designed by Mike Vapes, a very good atomizer with an excellent aromatic yield especially for a flavor chasing vape.

The first puff immediately clarifies an aspect of this e-liquid: it is not a fresh liquid, a fruity yes but without the “ice” component. And the first consideration that comes to mind is that The Visit is not really a seasonal product, but on the contrary it can be considered a very versatile fruity suitable to be vaped all year.

wotofo recurve

During the inhalation, an energetic citrus scent immediately clings to my papillae, causing a temporary daze of the same ones that struggle to distinguish other aromatic nuances. Only after a few minutes my taste buds get usedthemselves to the sour and acidic lime, however very tasty and with absolutely natural connotants (no chemical smell of citrus). Now I’m able to perceive the most recondite aromatic depths of this recipe. However, I have the feeling that it will be difficult to recognize the individual ingredients used to create The Visit.

dragon fruit

After a few minutes and with continued puffs, the strongly sour perception of the lime diminishes and an unexpected and delicate sweetness overlooks the scene caressing the palate with skilful elegance and enhancing the exotic perception of this fruity bouquet. The aromatic score, however, except for a vague aromatic sensation that reminds a bit the cactus taste, continues to present itself very little faceted and it is very difficult to grasp the presence of other fruits outside the lime.

Difficult but maybe not impossible, otherwise I would not be here to talk to you. The sweetness that slowly emerges in the heart of the puff appears inherent in the fruity mix, so in my opinion not “provoked” by the addition of external sweeteners. In this sense, the presence of pitaya and kiwi, illustrated by the producer himself, would justify my feeling, given that both the fruits for their characteristics have a very fresh, light and slightly sour taste.

And a slight hint of kiwi comes out on the palate during the exhalation, probably also assisted by minimal but incisive veins of strawberry grapes. The pleasingly exotic timbre of The Visit also remains after the vape thanks to a balanced and tasty aromatic persistence that makes the e-liquid a perfect all day and a lively all seasons.

Suggested dilution: about 33%

Steeping time: ready to vape

ico 4

Pro: An elegant fruity liquid, with delicate and balanced tones ideal for the whole year.

Cons: Difficult to easily identify the individual fruity nuances of the mix.