ToB is an Italian brand of liquids for electronic cigarette, now on the market for more than 10 years.
We produce high quality e-liquids with pharmaceutical grade raw materials and certified flavorings for food use.
To Be (intended as a verb of the verb being in English) carries the message of our slogan … “to be free … be yourself”.

The ability to be oneself and “free” from the slavery of the traditional cigarette.

Via Vibrata, 127
64016 S. Egidio alla Vibrata (TE)
Tel.: (+39) 0861.1723024

E-liquids type: 10 ml
Base composition: VPG 50/50
Nicotine: 0,4,9,12,18 mg/ml 


    Short pastry, vanilla custard and lemon. The typical grandma’s cake.

    Lempiè, or perhaps better, Lemon Pie, the name used at the beginning of its commercialization, is perhaps the most well-known e-liquid by the manufacturer, a classic recipe that manages to satisfy even the most demanding vapers. The base of the lemon cake is very reminiscent of a delicate pastry, with light, but more than ever delicious sweet notes of vanilla custard. The lemon is certainly the outstanding characteristic of this e-liquid and offers “acidulous” and slightly sweetened emotions. A buttery and vanilla note persists on the palate, accompanied by a delicate acidity. Indispensable!


    Soft and warm tobacco flavored with hazelnut cream.

    Another workhorse of the line is Ermes an e-liquid that in the field of synthetic tobaccos has managed to make space dominating the national scene. It is a delicate tobacco enriched with a delicious biscuit with intense notes of vanilla and hazelnut. The aromatic range is very wide and immediately we come across a delicious biscuit accompanied by a present vanilla note; the tobacco remains in the background, trying to adequately balance the great sugar values of this e-liquid and its intense flavor of hazelnut cream. The tobacco presence allows to perceive an intriguing dry aftertaste at the end of the puff. A must have.


    Premium Tobacco Blend with a little hints of toasted almond and wood.

    If you are looking for a recipe a little different from the classic RY4 tobacco, this is the liquid for you. The ingredients are the classic ones of a RY4 but with different proportions. The main component is a dark tobacco, which is expressed in a decisive and dry tone assisted by a dry toasted almond note. The notes of caramel and licorice remain in the background and balance, with their slightly sweet notes, the strong character of tobacco. It’s an all day e-liquid par excellence, never excessive and always pleasant in all circumstances.

  • RED

    Tobacco blend with caramel.

    From the manufacturer’s description it is clear the intention to create his own version of the classic RY4 recipe, this time increasing the percentage of caramel in it. The aromatic charge is certainly good, but fails to emerge with arrogance. The aromatic structure is surrounded by a slightly scorched halo due to the tobacco note that limits the caramelized hints a bit.


    Transylvania’s tobacco Blend with herbs and hints of incense.

    An e-liquid with good body and structure, with an intriguing and enveloping taste. It has initial nutty and toasted notes with hints of a fusion of coffee and chocolate. The slightly sweet flavors are immediately wrapped in the final phase of spicy and dry aromas which makes it “bad” at the right point. Tabac also has an important persistence on the palate which increases its strength together with timid smoky lashes that reach the end of the puff, turning towards almost spicy tones.

  • ZEUS

    Tropical fruit blend with star anise aftertaste.

    The protagonist of this recipe is certainly the anise that is decidedly clear from the first puff. If you do not like its strong and enveloping characteristics it is certainly not a liquid for you. The mix of tropical fruit and red fruit succeeds, puff by mouth, to carve out a small space adding to the firm base of anise, sour and sweet hints rich in a good dose of sugar. Among the fruity components, pineapple and mango are clearly distinguished with fairly faithful and natural characteristics. But it is the anise that remains the undisputed ruler of this recipe, such as to result in some situations being a little excessive in its dosage.


    Refreshing cocktail with blend of tropical fruit.

    A good aromatic charge is the basis of this e-liquid, a real mix of tropical fruits. The individual components are difficult to recognize within the mix, but on the whole they are able to transmit sensations to us from real tropical paradises. Sweet and well blended sensations contrast with harsh and slightly pungent notes. A very relaxing and clean vape that is hardly boring.

  • R&B TYPE

    A cocktail with the most famous energy drink of all the time.

    Recipe freely inspired by the well-known energizing drink, those that give us wings! The result is a moderately intense puff with at the same time acidulous and sweet nuances that make the inspiring drink look like the R&B Type. Great credit must be given to the sparkling component that wraps around the puff that manages to convey a pleasant strawberry flavor even if a little synthetic.


    Intense Strawberry Grape flavor, sweet and harsh at the same time.

    A simple recipe that has always met the favor of the public. The very sweet strawberry grapes combine with a refreshing ice splash creating a vortex of taste and sweetness. A winning combination for a simple but always high impact type of e-liquid, especially if supported by aromas of undoubted quality.

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