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Name e Format: Tobacco Rail (Guerrilla Flavors)- concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Union 2.0  + Vampire V2 o.85 omh (Kantal A1 27 AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

After a short period of absence we return to talk about Guerrilla Flavors who after passing the “fearful fire trial” of TheFlavourist has managed to win a deserved place on these pages. The ambitious project and the rich line that have made available to us the Guerrilla Flavors guys, who have their headquarters in the Romanian region of Transylvania, allows us to find ourselves in difficulty in choosing the next eliquid to try with you. The lineup counts 23 aromas produced, these occupy and cover the entire panorama of liquids of the vaping world in fact we find creamy aromas, fruity and iced aromas, and finally flavored tobacco flavoring, in short, a really wide choice.

After talking about Red Flag fragrant vanilla ice cream flavored with apples and the inevitable donut filled with blackberry jam: Black Donut, we decided to leave room for these creamy and gluttonous flavors and move on to something more classic, in this case a tobacco. In fact today is the taco of Tobacco Rail. As you may have noticed the two names are clickable if we put a little watering in their mouths, and that pinch of curiosity, drop by to read our past reviews!

But coming back to us, here is how Tobacco Rail is described by the producers, who like for the previous ones are not lost in chat and go straight to the point giving us simply what we will find inside the bottle:

Simply tobacco, caramel and vanilla

After this short but rich description, our memories of old vapers reawaken and bring to mind the images of the first liquids for our electronic cigarettes a few years ago, but even now that it is coming back into fashion, this recipe was called RY4, So here’s what we expect from this liquid, a classic recipe interpreted in a modern way.

As we have become accustomed to the inside we find the bottle of aroma that will be diluted at about 15 percent but you can go down a little with bases with less VG. In addition, we also provide a 60ml “unicorn bottle” in which to pour our preparation for the few hours of steeping necessary to ensure that the aroma is amalgamated with the base. We have also noticed that once the dispenser nozzle of the bottle is closed, we are given the possibility to remove it to allow a new refill easily.

tabacco rail



After a beautiful wave we open our bottle for the olfactory test, which as always with regard to our tests is the first indicator of the quality of the liquid. Guerrilla guys have got used to us well in fact in the previous tests, we find ourselves very much at our comfortable with these eliquid that are able to transmit their content in a clean and linear way. The perceptions are opened with a decisive and delicious hint of caramel freshly made and slightly charred, very sweet, but that pampers us accompanying us in the part, fat and buttery vanilla which also amalgamates inside the tabaccosa, let’s remember that it is a however, a synthetic liquid and therefore the hints of tobacco are very light and not very clear, unlike an extracted tobacco.

guerrilla flavors tobacco rail aroma

The olfactory test has certainly intrigued us by teasing our memories we can not wait to go to the test of vaporization that as usual I entrust to my inseparable Vampire V2 by Oxygen Mod.


The breath is inaugurated with a thick and full-bodied steam, we are immediately welcomed from the almost bitter sweetness and slightly burnt of the caramel that overwhelms us in this spiral of steam and sugar is the caramel that is the backbone to the whole aromatic construction in fact the gluttony that transmits us accompanies us by hand until you plunge into a fat vortex of vanilla butter that tends to expand even more the aromatic range really tasty and intense. As we imagined the taste of tobacco is very background in this eliquid, obviously we can not expect the same sensation of the tobacco extracted being the synthetic eliquid, here it is freely inserted in the aromatic spectrum of tastes giving that feeling of dryness that you combine with the fullness of caramel recreating a pleasantly sweet but at the same time dry and slightly bitterish sensation. The final tail of the liquid is left to the vanilla that settles on our palate filling it in a very delicate way with a fat and very rich sensation.

The vape is overall really tasty and full, recipe that is certainly freely taken from the famous RY4 but that improves it by far the ingredients are qualitatively excellent do not perceive strange aftertaste everything is amalgamated with skill and with the new production techniques the caramel is really well done and enhances the burnt note that is typical of the freshly made caramel.

salsa caramello

An eliquid certainly successful and that fits all types of palate brings nothing new in the vaping world but provides us with a new and better interpretation of this taste that has made history and where many other producers have failed, but this is not the case of the Guerrilla Flavors!

ico 4

Pro: Caramel and vanilla very valuable and well balanced.

Con: Part of the tabaccosa not very effective.