E-liquid review: Tobacco Trail (Cuttwood) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 032417-58

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Druga dualcoil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Back in the charming state of California to review  Tobacco Trail of the US brand CuttWood. A tabaccoso, the first one, never produced by this brand.

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Tobacco Trail described by the manufacturer:

Mild sweet tobacco with a hint of honey

A stringent description (perhaps honest), but that will never be enough for our insatiable and demanding readers. We know it. So I proceed to the olfactory test, immediately specifying that Tobacco Trial does not lack certain olfactory cues, few in reality, but well defined and articulated. In reality, already of the olfactory test, we can see a structure that is certainly not new. So scents very banal and now “sad”, as pleasant and fascinating. A strong and warm note of cereal leaves to be framed by honey glazes. The “toasted” is intense, wrapped in a caramel base, hints of vanilla, fruity milk with a sweet content. A breakfast !? No … the most banal but winning tabaccoso that has ever been introduced in these (many) years of vape. But Cuttwood certainly did not make it up in first.


Now … use a Druga (like me), use any atomizer or ritual and power and you’ll risk falling in love with it. Yes, it’s true. Any vaper can not (now) remain insensitive to this simulation tobacco. We are certainly not talking about the old RY4, but its evolution, much more robust and fragrant, realized a few years ago. Many brands have reproduced it and it is reasonable to think that – molecular intermediates – this is a well-framed, canonized recipe.

tobacco caramel

The good vaporiness imprisons masculine, intrusive and unconventional hints, to which even the female public (or consumer) will yield. Mischievous fruity hints, in an infamous base of milk and caramel, contrast with the strong and warm notes of cereal biscuits (similar to Digestive) and … honey. For honey we mean a cloying sugary mixture, not exactly sweet, but useful for the exaltation of the fragrant biscuit. What softens, and softens, the puff is not in fact honey, but that hidden mix of generic fruit, caramel and milk. If you are wondering how it is possible to inguadrare a recipe with these ingredients in the field of tobacco … you are really at the very first approaches with vape. Otherwise … we understood each other!

latte miele cereali

Many… will talk to you about “tobacco”. We like being honest. It will also be the experience. It ‘s all just the result of a good recipe, but anyone – pondering on – would understand that it is not about tobacco. It is no coincidence that it is called “tabaccoso”. Not by chance, we in The Flavourist – to make justice to every product –  distinguish, in the genre that approaches to the tobaccos, two categories. Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood is a “tabaccoso” … their version of a well-established recipe. In short … they wanted to be safe. I have to admit it though … to me this thing a little irritates me. It irritates me that a brand – the fame of Cuttwood is not discussed –  not able to offer something new, more personalized. At the bottom of Tobacco Trial is a recipe so known that many brands of flavors – for years – produce and market.


More you vape him and the more you like him … and you realize that (maybe) you could vape him for days, months … but you’ve known him for years. You know him so well, tried under different labels, then you started avoiding it! It represented the worst way to simulate a tobacco … in a scene full of tasty tobacconist recipes, but above all of extractions of true, pure, straight tobacco.

So how do we put it with Tobacco Trial !? Technically perfect, terribly trivial! Many will appreciate it … many have appreciated it well before Cuttwood bottled … then enough. The world goes on.


ico 1

Pro: A faithful reproduction of a recipe known for years in the tobacco scene.

Contro: No innovation or particular characterization. Boredom!