The Italian aroma background is remarkably grown in the last few months (not talking about years), also due to vapers’ choice to rely on DIY, rather than to ready-made liquids, with a huge economy, since with 10ml of concentrated aroma you can get plenty of liquids, with dilutions varying according either to producers or to each one’s preference. Today, under the spotlight, Trilly (“Tinkerbell”) by Lord Hero Special Organic Mix, 10ml concentrate bottle. Bought in Verona, after tasting it (and I don’t consider it a reliable evaluation, considering the state of my mouth that day), during the Vapitaly, prepared one week ago (diluted at 10% in a 50/50 base).

Being a concentrated aroma, I’m writing this endlessly, at first we get overwhelmed by a strong, persistent scent of aniseed and licorice, which, for Lord Hero, is nothing new, but this time I needed to search an online description to define my olfactory perception. Looking for some descriptions, I found this one:

“A creamy/buttery licorice with a fresh mint aftertaste, enriched by a sweet rum and a soft vanilla bean…”


I tried in some way to find this description with my smelling sense for 10 minutes but nothing, I couldn’t help it.
Smellwise an aniseed/minty licorice is strongly persistent, even when diluted and steeped in a drawer for a whole week. I tried to find some validations online on which I could base my perceptions, and I found something, but nothing particularly accurate.
So, let’s start seriously.
Systems I used for this review: Origen Dripper with mesh, 325, 0.8 coil and Magma Dripper with Fiber Freaks cotton, density V1, 0.8 coil, Spitfire Praxis Vapor tank with 0.5 coil, all on both mechanic and variable voltage systems.

Packaging: there would be a lot to say about Lord Hero’s labels, but this is not the right place, 10ml bottles are very colourful, with Lord Hero Special Organic Mix logo on top, WordArt-inspired font, name in the center alongside the stylised, but recognisable Tinkerbell (Trilly in Italian, hence the name), Peter Pan’s pixie, hued in a violet recalling the colour of diluted aroma. Name font is definitely questionable, looking like a late-90s website banner and a background clashing disastrously with the rest. Apart from finding it a hasty, homemade work, I can’t find any other way to describe it.

Vaping check: I always try it on mesh first, then on cotton. While heating the liquid first, its scent expands and it’s quite pleasing, it actually has something “creamy” (I don’t know how to define it) and inviting. While vaping it, unfortunately, everything changes. At the first drag, on mesh, I don’t really know what I’ve been inhaling and I take another one…nothing…same feeling, I lower the wattage, maybe it’s a “cold” liquid, actually mint and licorice gave me a slight hint…and mint comes up very nicely here, but only that, because the rest of the ingredients aren’t just there… No rum, no “creaminess” (except for the smell), no vanilla, not even close… it’s just a load of mint, which wouldn’t even be that bad, but as much as a plain mint candy would be, nothing more. I decide that the mesh is not the best way to try this liquid, I switch to Magma and cotton…Same heating check, thicker steam, definitely more tempting, I try to vape at a cold temperature. Mint is still dominating, leaving some glimpse of a plain licorice and no particular changes. Pleasing, still as much as a candy though, but I can’t feel either rum or vanilla anywhere, not even after breaks between drags, same thing when I put it in a tank. Mint, barely noticeable licorice but nothing relevant. The flavour is not improving, it stays there, absolutely trapped by a persistent freshness which can be irritating sometimes, and a licorice which wouldn’t lead anywhere.
Such a shame, because the mix was curious, but apparently it’s easier to be said than done.
I haven’t seen much dedication in the producer’s choice of flavours to mix, taken from here and there without a particular bond: licorice, rum (not perceived), and vanilla (same), tied to a mint which will always be the main element. For me it’s a very anonymous Poolside ripoff, lacking of anything “new” flavourwise. Good to “clean” your mouth out between a tobacco and a fruity one.

Smoke: thick and hefty.

When to vape: I would say never, but if you ever bought some, well…let’s say it’s goot for resetting your tastebuds.

ico 1

Pros: I like the idea of licorice, rum and vanilla altogether…

Cons: …if they ever managed to do something with them.