E-liquid review: Tropika – Discovery line (Twelve Monkeys Vapor) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 10 PG / 90 VG

Batch: TRP-318-102816

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: 11/17

Devices: Wismec Predator 228w + Peerless RDA dual coil 0.25 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm ) with Cotton Bacon v 2.0

When we talk about fruity e-liquids, we have absolutely to mention the Twelve Monkeys Vapor brand; this company since a couple of years, occupies a strategic role within the international scene of vaping. The Toronto company has quickly become a reference name for the vaper who love the practice of cloud chasing and not just for them…

Today we are going to review on our pages a liquid from the Discovery line: Tropika.
Although the bottle in my possession is a classic 30-ml pre-TPD glass bottle, I remind you that at moment all Twelve Monkeys products are absolutely TPD compliant and marketed in Italy in 30ml format divided into 3 for 10 ml PET bottles placed inside a carton tube as shown in the picture below.
The vibrant and sparkling packaging offered by the Canadian brand has already been widely spoken in our previous reviews. If you want to know our opinion we refer you to the reviews of Macaraz and Matata for example.

Tropika description:

Inspired by their primal cousins to the south, Twelve Monkeys has crafted a perfect balance of exotic tropical fruits combined carefully to result in one of the most palate pleasing juice blends known to man. This pleasing, but not overpowering concoction of tropical fruits is the perfect complement for any daydreaming, beach vacationing aficionado. Sit back and give your taste buds an exotic vacation while they attempt to identify what the fruits are!


I proceed with the smell test sure that, as from the manufacturer’s description, this mix will most likely not reveal its notes distinctly. The first feeling of nose is that of a very soft exotic mix, lying on a creamy base with a decent sweetening amount. In a supermixed frame, the fruity notes that emerge would seem to be the fruits with the highest acidity; in this sense I would feel a smell of maracuja and kiwi and then maybe what else. The exotic intrigue by Twelve Monkeys is served!

After carefully preparing my Peerless, I’m ready to vaporize with so much curiosity the first drops of Tropika.

From the first puff, the liquid confirms the olfactory sensations: to identify all or part of the fruits used to make this e-juice will be a titanic enterprise. But perhaps it would also be a useless style exercise in the circumstance; The manufacturer stated clearly that he wanted to make a tropical juice so well-mixed that it could not recognize the ingredients. And then we will judge Tropika even in light of these premises.

The tropical sensation is perfectly evoked in all phases of the vape, although it is impossible to identify the aromatic matrices. The liquid is an explosion of flavor for the palate, endless, from the inspiration to the exhalation phase, which can make you appreciate a lot of species because it never looks aggressive.

A creamy base, in my opinion fresh milk, and a sapient sucralose dosage, create the ideal prerequisite for the aromatic characteristics of the sweetest to the harshest and acidic ingredients ideally to be found in a varied, soft, velvety tropical juice. Here, in fact, more than talking about a tropical fruit salad, we should talk about a velvety of exotic fruits. In truth, even in other brand creations, we had noticed the manufacturer’s tendency to uniformize the overall taste, limiting the individual aromatic nuances. In Tropika this trend is even more pronounced.

So, making these considerations, talking about ingredients becomes here a secondary aspect. Pineapple, papaya, maracuja, kiwi, mango and who knows how many other fruits have been included in the recipe by the excellent Canadian flavourist friends all together to form a greedy, gentle and highly appetizing mix.

A recipe that makes its strengths in the aroma impacts, while maintaining a truly enviable balance and delicacy.

So many voices, but just on choir, to play a fresh and summer score. Tropika also satisfies in terms of clouds, dense and fat vapor (could you imagine otherwise than a product with 90% vegetable glycerin?) which seems almost to suggest full and frequent puffs. Great pleasure, absolute sensual pleasure.

Are you still trying to locate the ingredients?

Pro: A big, fat, enjoyable summer juice.

Cons: Yet maybe at least one solo aromatic voice …