TY4 is the personal rendition of the famous eliquid RY4 produced and sold by dozens of brands.

But first of all, what’s this RY4? RY4 sands for the fourth eliquid produced by Ruyan to whom we have to acknowledge the first electronic cigarette patent.

RY4 is an eliquid classified as “tobacco” with very peculiar sweet and nutty notes.

TY4 produced by T-Juice is then a RY4 rendition with stronger nutty notes and the presence of Demerara brown sugar as stated in T-Juice website.

Now we have to say that personally (excluding some remarkable exception) I’m not a RY4 type lover and in this case as well, I didn’t find the TY4 an exciting aroma; I would further say that defining the RY4 a tobacco seems a bit risky even though in the early 00s, the dawn of e-cig era, such liquid would actually remind of tobacco.

Back to TY4, I would say that it’s a very delicate aroma but also (maybe a bit too much) sweet and strongly nut-based; plus I haven’t felt any tobacco at all!

In conclusion; TY4 in my opinion, not being an awkward aroma, ends up being too sweet and also very impersonal and not suitable for a whole day of vaping.

Recommended dilution: 8%

Steeping time: 1-2 days

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