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E-liquid review: Under the Sea  (Vaponaute) 30 ml

Batch: L15S4401

Nico: 6 mg/ml (0,6%)

Declared base:  40PG 60VG

Expiry date: 04/2017

Devices: IPV mini 2 + Tobh Atty dual coil 0,48 ohm (Kantal 0.40mm) with japanese organic cotton.

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The Flavourist never stops! I am ready to face this third stage (of four) of our journey through the line E-Journeys Vaponaute. We go down into the deep sea today with Under The Sea.

Here it is described by Anne-Claire, “mother” of these masterpieces:

The match of delicious 4 Mint extracts with a splash of Gin and hints of Juniper.

Cucumber and Watermelon enhanced by delicate notes of Lavender & Coriander round up this unique and refreshing cocktails.

We speak of a liquid, in my view, truly amazing. A taste, in the description, far from those who are my preferences. A fruity liquid “minty”, but incorporating in its recipe ingredients such as cucumber, gin and juniper, coriander, lavender and watermelon. I have no problem with the fruity, mind you. Use them just as ready liquid, but often and with great pleasure as flavorings for my preparations. They select them very carefully, because through their characteristics you play almost always the success of a recipe.

The bowl of Under The Sea embodies, as you know, for me a model of elegance, sophistication and respect for a certain “discipline” that over time has made Vaponaute an increasingly brand close to the demands of the consumer.

Smell Under The Sea gives off the scent of a nature caressed by the winds of a subtle sea breeze, reminding the element that Anne-Claire must have wanted to evoke with this recipe. The sea. This breeze is in fact charging the juniper aromas and “spices” which, fantasizing, we might imagine embrace the shores of a sea into which soon we will dive. The cucumber seems to be the dominant note, dressed in a very slight minty scent that carries with it not particularly energetic fruity notes the smell.

Excessive air flow of an atom enhances the freshness induced by menthol hints. This could make it difficult tasting. Still, the slight but decisive flavor nuances of this Under The Sea, require a medium spread shot. To enjoy the most of this liquid, you’ll have to take care of vape temperature not exceed on the over-long sessions. The mentholated mix is ​​particularly strong.

My Tobh Atty is spotless and ready for this new review.

In dripping Under the Sea always it requires some “running fire.” Actually we have to break in our perception of aromas. The mix mint is as refined as overbearing and always I need some preliminary shooting to be able to orient and abiutuare to blow. Fresh! In the throat, and especially in the nose.

It cucumber immediately steal my attention. Good and unusual as perhaps only a few could imagine. Supported and transported by the freshness of this pungent mint and almost aggressive in the preliminary shots. A progressive freshness with the intensity and duration of the shot. I recommend right now to try three or four shots in quick succession. A aromatic level, experience is also notable for non-fans of the genre. Like me unfounded.

Cucumber, brings to the recipe a delightful scent salty, true protagonist of this liquid with mint. Only when we become familiar with this energetic aromatic mix, we will begin to perceive the most veiled and unusual nuances of this Under the Sea.

Watermelon is mentioned and available in a robe very natural. Not sweet, but fragrant. Perhaps he imprisoned and sacrificed because of the complexity of the recipe. Influenced largely by the spiciness of coriander and juniper that associated with mint evokes, also thanks to the cucumber, aromatic prerogatives of gin; without any unpleasant alcoholic note emerges at vape.

Rather a kind of watery feeling that marries beautifully with insentori Lavender and that together with the cucumber expresses notes sometimes bitter and interesting. A great contrast between fruity, flavor and freshness. Unusual.

But what inspired Under the Sea?



Here’s a cocktail that contains the ingredients of this recipe.  A refreshing drink in of the health limit. Detoxifying and purifying. All strong antioxidants and ingredients fresh. A cocktail that really inspired in turn to a famous summer salad with Mediterranean scents.


Under the Sea plays with the natural sweetness of watermelon and cucumber flavor to give us a strong vape experience, dominated by an explosive mint.

It is perhaps one of the most complex liquids of this series of great classics. The vape sessions should be short and only in aromatic persistence, very long, you will easily perceive the great quality of the ingredients of Under The Sea.

In saliva, as in what remains of the mucous membranes, perceive every ingredient, while giving me long pauses between a vape sessions. The taste of Under The Sea will be indecipherable to an inattentive. Do not be seen by anyone, hide and lower the power of your device from 200w up just 8 / 10w. And ‘this a total fruity, albeit in a dual coil, will be the best way to enjoy it. Do not turn it into a soup. He does not deserve it.

Those who like me practice spearfishing easily able to understand the meaning of the name given to this recipe. The perception of aromas, especially those fruity, after a long fishing Under the Sea. The strong contrast between salty, salty and sweet.

But it will be mainly the mint lovers to understand the quality. Ordinary mortals may have to settle for a fluctuating relationship of hate and love. Under the Sea, it is worth remembering, is part of an established line of liquid from vape intended to accontententare the different expectations of a diverse audience. We vaper, with our whims.

However, as far as I’m concerned, Under the Sea it continues to excite.


ico 4

Pro: Unusual, bold and refined.

Cons: Mint is sometimes excessive and the liquid is intended for the slow and cold vape lovers. In maximum fruity expression for the general fund.