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Name and Format:  Vanilla Bean (Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee) – E-liquid 100 ml – received by Aer WholeSale

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Vandy Vape BF Pulse 80W + Wotofo Recurve RDA single alien clapton coil 0.25 ohm (Ni80 24 awg x 2 + Ni80 38 awg) with Vapefly Firebolt Cotton.

Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee is the name of an American californian brand widely distributed in the European continent. The Flavourist received the entire line from the Aer Wholesale distributor and started a few weeks ago to thoroughly examine this line entirely dedicated to the Anglo-Saxon coffee world with the particularity of being an ice line, perhaps the first true iced coffee e-liquid line in the world.

After having spoken to you about Almond Cappuccino and Macchiato, today we deal with Vanilla Bean, so officially described:

Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee E-Liquid presents their rich iced coffee flavor that’s complemented with a premium vanilla bean accent and a hint of caramel.

The product is presented in a 100 ml chubby gorilla bottle with a young and safe impacting graphics. The overseas manufacturers know definitely do very well the image of their products; packs with a very high appeal able to create an unreachable hype in the world of e-liquids.

nitros cold brew macchiato

The Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee line is inspired by the coffee-based beverages of the famous Starbucks American coffee chain. And the smell test of Vanilla Bean in fact, is a further confirmation. A light scent of American espresso subtends a strong note of caramelized vanilla, so these two ingredients appear so well blended to the nose. The aromatic structure does not seem to differ so much from other products of the brand, the feeling is that the manufacturer played with the dosages of certain ingredients to get the vaping slightly different effect.

wotofo recurve

For the vaping test I decided to entrust myself to the exciting aroma of Recurve RDA by Wotofo combined with a Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W; these two products seem to have been created to live together in perfect symbiosis, do you agree?
recurve pulse80 combo

A light and pleasant ice effect, combined with dense and creamy elements, immediately characterizes the e-juice giving it the distinctive mark typical of this line that we have already observed in Almond Cappuccino and Macchiato reviews. An innovative idea of ​​e-liquid that wants to combine the fresh sensation so requested in the summer months with the taste of coffee.

In inspiration, a delicate sensation of freshness is the valid preamble to the inviting aromatic scene. A shy background of coffee anticipates an intriguing vanilla, intense and velvety, a fat and thick cream of vanilla that wants and firmly plays the role of protagonist in this creation of the Californian brand. The aromatic structure of Vanilla Bean follows in an even evident way that of Macchiato, tested a few weeks ago; it is the inversion of roles between vanilla and caramel to determine the substantial difference between the two e-liquids.

During the central phase of the puff, in fact, the vanilla cream is reached by a pleasant caramel note, a sweet note, like all the aromatic plant of this creation, even if the timid American espresso must be credited with being able to prevent all the e-liquid from being reduced to an agglomeration of super sweetness, killing our taste buds.

The puff now appears fuller and rounder and an attractive sense of buttery surrounds it… What a delicious torment!

vanilla bean use

Even in the queue the boquet does not lose the balance reached in the heart of the puff and all the aromatic elements of Vanilla Bean receive their right space until the aromatic persistence post-svapata, good fresh with a sweetly vanilla trail.

Provided not to consider it an e-liquid to coffee, at least as we consider a coffee in Italy, this Vanilla Bean is a valuable product that manages to be sweet (a lot) but never get tired and above all can trace with good fidelity one of the many Starbucks creations, an absolute source of inspiration for this line of e-liquids.

vanilla bean and caramel

So Vanilla Bean to which real product is inspired? Well, continuing the fun game of matching Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee products with the colorful coffee glasses of Starbucks, fun but also able to help the vaper to create a better idea about the taste of the proposed e-liquid, I can say that in the case of Vanilla Bean, the best combination is definitely with the Vanilla Bean Crème of the famous American coffee shop. To better understand it’s what you see in the picture above.

And have you already ordered it?

ico 4

Pro: The Vanilla Bean Crème by Starbucks is well reinterpreted in e-liquid version.

Cons: Basically it is not a coffee e-liquid.