The Vapitaly 2017 has closed its doors for only a few days, yet the memory of the emotions the event has been able to give to the many participants is still alive and fervent. The Flavourist team has also been invested by a wave of sensations never experienced in a trade fair at this time, and so only now, after having let cool and fit our moods, we are telling you the cold weather The Flavourist trip among the pavilions of the international fair of vape.


The Flavourist has visited Vapitaly, as has happened in the previous two Verona’s editions, but never like this year we have been so proud of having taken part. The term “fair” sounds ridiculous.

An incredibly rich and magnificent event from different points of view. Rich for the quantity and quality of content offered by market players present, magnificent to the atmosphere that the set of visitors and exhibitors has contributed to create in the three days. Believe us, we do not write it because we Italians “always do so after such an event,” because “you must always emphasize everything”. Who has been present has seen: big clouds and big numbers. No campanilism.

• Over 23,500 visitors

• 13,000 sqm of exhibition area

• 200 Exhibitors

• over 60% of foreign exhibitors

• 16 countries represented including a massive presence of USA, Canada, China, France, UK and of course Italy.

The Vapitaly is a great Fair, now a point of reference for European steaming and not only.


“We’ve been here for the first time at Vapitaly and I’m very happy,” said the owner of a famous French brand. “This fair is very beautiful and big and then … the visitors are all stupendous” he continued with a palpable enthusiasm from his contagious smile.

“It was my first experience at Vapitaly, I saw a wide-ranging international tour that showed an aggregation level that I would never have imagined,” a visitor, owner of an e-cig shop in Italy, told.

“On the first day of the show, our visitors stormed our stand to ask us for one of our liquids. We did not think we were already so familiar here in Italy,” said the famous Canadian producer. Well … with a pinch of pride, let’s add that that liquid we had reviewed for The Flavourist, first in Europe.

These are just some of the impressions of enthusiasm gathered on our journey and here it seems to be worth remembering that such a result would not have been possible without the nourished and close-knit organizational machine led by Mosè Giacomello, impeccable director who with skill, dedication and capability wanted Fortunately, that was all that happened.


It was an exciting journey, full of colors, scents and scenery. For The Flavourist staff was also a professional trip. Opportunity to face reviewers with the market and with those international brands that have long had the courage to rely on us for an honest and honest European response. And it was also the right occasion to let us know and show our business to new manufacturers.

We were projected in the future, meeting secret agents armed with box and atomizer; We sailed wrapped in the peaks of an ancient sailing ship to find ourselves immersed in tropical paradises. We’ve seen e-liquids exposed in a real pastry shop and others emerging voluptuous from the flames!

We also had the opportunity to find refreshments on the open-air pallet tables set up in the street-food area in front of the pavilions and even there, due to the incredibly summery weather and temperatures, it was a time of happening and aggregation with a typical atmosphere made in Italy. Well yes, even the sun kissed the Vapitaly.


It was a real journey of senses. But above all it was the holiday of Vaping!

Vaping is a varied, multifaceted, vibrant, energetic, fresh and younger world who, despite the many difficulties, has become aware of himself and that he wants to make it understand by color, warmth, but also professionalism from Italy .

And if the Vapitaly 2018 looks still far away, we will be thinking about this year not to bore you…