E-liquid review: VCT Private Reserve (Ripe Vapes) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: 25 PG / 75 VG

Batch: 011

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Expiry date: 03/19

Devices: Geekvape Aegis 100 W + Dovpo Bushido II RDA dual coil 0.35 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0.50 mm) with Native Wicks cotton.

Ripe Vapes VCT is probably one of the best known and sold e-liquids in the world. As most of you will know, VCT is the acronym used by the Californian company to indicate a Vanilla Custard Tobacco e-juice. The Flavourist, who has previously reviewed Ripe Vapes VCT, will now take care of his younger brother, the VCT Private Reserve, its reserve version, its most noble and perhaps even tastier interpretation.

The bottle in our possession is in transparent glass of 30 ml, with childproof cap and glass dropper with medium-sized beak. The label, very pleasant to the touch for its satin effect, has a rustic style very well cared for its elegance. Starting from the spring of 2017, as a result of TPD, all Ripe Vapes products are marketed in Italy in the classic 50 ml Mix Series + addition of a 10 ml nicotine booster that will allow to obtain 60 ml of final product at different levels of nicotine.

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VCT Private Reserve is officially described as follows:

Our best selling Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT) aged for ninety days in french oak barrels. Privately reserved in small batches for the exclusive enjoyment of our customers.

At the opening of the VCT Private Reserve bottle it does not differ much from the hints found in the olfactory analysis of the VCT. The dominant fragrance is always that of an excellent vanilla custard identified in the traditional version; a round, full-bodied, sweet and enveloping cream, so full that it almost completely covers the remaining notes of the mix. Almost but not entirely because even in this case, and indeed here with more liveliness, I can notice the nuances and toasted hazelnuts. The general scent is very intriguing and without delay I prepare myself for the vape test.

I prepared a configuration that only recently became part of my hardware park, two systems that deserve much more than the success certainly not high-sounding received: The Aegis of Geekvape, a box aesthetically beautiful and value for money absolutely enviable and Dovpo’s dripper Bushido II passed to the most almost unnoticed, perfect for a careful and meticulous tasting of a premium e-liquid. It is no coincidence that his full name is Bushido II Pure Flavor RDA.

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As noted for the traditional VCT, from the first puffs I am enveloped by the special notes of one of the best vanilla custard I have ever tasted. Exceptionally soft and creamy, it gives back a feeling fat and so satisfying. A full, round and overwhelming vanilla cream with a fullness and richness of truly enviable taste. Unlike most of the custards that fill the world of e-liquids, the custard of Ripe Vapes stands out for its naturalness and above all originality; the subtle spicy nuances make it unique and up to now inimitable.

In the review of the VCT, we called this custard “sexy” and here we have to confirm it. The custard of Ripe Vapes is sexy, it’s aphrodisiac, it’s superb!

A cream that with its full body is able to fill the whole of the vape globally taking the scene at 360 degrees. But the American manufacturer has done more, has managed to enrich this enveloping and sublime custard with tail notes that contrast its sweetness, maintaining a perfect aromatic balance.

And it is precisely in these notes that you can see a certain difference between the two versions of the VCT. The final moments of the vape of the Private Reserve are more loaded and decisive than the traditional VCT. The hints of dried fruit and specifically of hazelnuts and almonds along with light toasted nuances enjoy greater freedom within the “reserve” bouquet. VCT Private Reserve compared to its older brother, mitigates more the creamy and vanilla components of the mix, thus leaving a slight woody background that, always very remotely, helps to remind us of being in the presence (perhaps) of an e-liquid tobacco.

If you have read our review of the VCT, you know very well that this is not the case and that, as we have already had the opportunity to tell, even with all the cultural extenuating circumstances of the case, the VCT for us is not to be considered a tobacco e-juice. On the contrary, the VCT Private Reserve, although still far from the most classic tobaccos parameters, is closer to a tobacco vape, then deserving a higher opinion.

Pro: A superb vanilla custard: original, spicy and aristocratic.

Cons: As for the traditional VCT (although a little less), it is hard to consider it a tobacco e-juice.