E-liquid review: Vienato – Feevr (Savourea) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 1300301

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin top air dual coil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

“Gentlemen like coffee now!”. It’s a recurring phrase from our side. Or … “talking in front of a cafe” or “offering a coffee and telling you …” Coffee in Italy, it not a joke, but the endless variations in the theme and the opening of international chains devoted to this drink, even vapers will admit the need to enrich an e-liquid that (in good or for evil) needs to express something more than a mere espresso coffee or moka. Ah … the grandmother’s coffee!

20170509 195552 01

Vienato by Savourea, from the Feevr line, it’s the review of The Flavourist.

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The box contains all the information required by the recent regulations, as well as having a fresh, colorful and inviting graphics, curated with a delicious … taste. Inside there are 3 Vienato 10ml flasks. The PET flasks are perfect in every aspect. Additional safety requirements are presented to the consumer by browsing the adhesive label. There is a tactile warning pin of potential danger, useful to our blind visitor. Great tpd ready packaging.

Vienato description by the manufacturer:

Gourmand et crémeux, ce Vienato Feevr est le parfait assemblage entre un café, sa pointe de lait et sa crème chantilly. Le tout est saupoudré d’éclats de chocolat.

Gourmand and creamy, this Vienato Feevr is the perfect blend between a coffee, its milk tip and whipped cream. The whole is sprinkled with chocolate chips.

As you understand that today we will review a coffee-based e-liquid. A rich coffee that does not escape the olfactory examination through interesting and very fragile notes. A blend of coffee with light milk and chocolate velvets. In short caramel notes suggest a tantalizing and inviting creaminess. Perfectly balanced and warm perfumes from the well-defined body and structure. An elegant cafe!


On Vape, olfactory perceptions are confirmed and the taste of Vienato is elegant and of a good standard. The balance achieved by Savourea is perfect. Balance … what – allow me – can not be said to be of value to other e-liquid (often Americans) who intend to make an e-liquid at coffee. The tendency is unfortunately to over. Vienato coffee notes, however, are harmoniously harmonized with each other. The cheek is rich, aromatic and the creaminess induced by the ingredients selected by the manufacturer, simulates a very pleasant creamy body.

caffè arabica


The steam is intense. The aromatic opening, head note, is entrusted to a delicate coffee blend, but from the elegant fragrance. A caramel wave embraces the main ingredient of the recipe, reminding us of a brown foam possibly dusted with chocolate. Chocolate cited in the description … in fact it is a very elusive note that revives mainly through the credible stimulating taste induced by Vienato. There is, but it is not, in short.


There are those who call it Viennese Coffee, or Parisian. Who is Espresso or Moroccan. Who to qualify would return to the Starbuck menu. To us, The Flavourist likes to see it as a successful recipe, the result of a great Savourea research. Wined has a refined aromatic persistence that promotes it as e-liquid all day e-liquid coffee. In the aspiration stages Vienato expresses an intense and pleasant creamy embrace. Perhaps it is exhilarating that the score of this recipe relaxes, showing if it is the most intense. Elegance also in choosing ingredients and their balance.

ico 4

Pro: Good recipe, great ingredients. Stylish, but… all day.

Conts: Nothing to report.