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Name: VIM (JAC Vapour) – Kit con Atomizzatore – ricevuto dal produttore

Format: Meccanica batteria inclusa.

Max Power: 4.2 – 3.1 Volt

Color: Bianca

Price: ~ € 25


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VIM by JAC Vapor the new All in One box

JAC Vapour has been designing and creating hardware and e-liquids in the United Kingdom since 2010. JAC is a brand known throughout the vape world. Their business is diverse and create products for all levels of absolute beginner vapers to advanced users.

Today we present the brand new kit made by JAC Vapor: VIM.



1 x VIM 2600mah battery (the device!)

1 x VIM Top Fill Tank

1 x Mouth-to-lung (like a cigarette) 1.0 Ohm Coil

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x User manual

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The box looks really captivating, the fine lines and sinuoses make it pleasing to the eye and very modern; has a very minimal appearance due to the small size, certainly a box that does not go unnoticed at first glance but that gives the best of itself held in hand by transmitting a velvety feel to the touch. The box is not dyed and then polished but wrapped in this almost rubbery layer that gives us this “different” feeling.

The build quality is high to be a box entry level anyway, you do not notice work smears and each piece is well anchored to the structure you do not feel creaks of any kind. The tolerances where the atomizer is contained are perfect and do not dance inside the cavity if tightened.

There are also small defects still tolerable given the type of kit. The atomizer magnetically binds to the poles and these seem very delicate, moreover the fire button is not always precise and always fiddling laterally in its housing, the cover used to change type of shot and air hole is in rubbery and is anchored at the pressure box, so probably if you change often easily wearable type of shot.



The VIM, besides being aesthetically very pleasant, is certainly very ergonomic. The lines are delicately sweet and easily adapt to the handle, the dimensions are reduced to the minimum in fact you can hide completely by wrapping it with your hand, the weight is proportioned to the size, light and small with the velvety wrap that helps the grip not resulting never slippery. The box completely incorporating the atomizer that is still removable protrudes out of the “body” only the drip tip, a box that is quietly in your pocket or bags without creating clutter. A small side note is for the fire button that is placed at the bottom of the box and therefore not too comfortable at the start, however, just take the habit of being careful not to close the air hole with your fingers.



In terms of functions, the VIM is equipped with all the most common features and sought after by vapers in modern mods, being however a mechanical box intended primarily for beginners vapers is equipped with all the necessary protections for the tranquility of us vapers, whether you are a beginner or expert little matter a bit of security never hurts. In fact it incorporates the functions of protection against short circuits, protections for battery too full and equipped with holes for venting battery.

The VIM measures with atomizer inserted 90 x 40.5 x 20 cm and integrates inside a 2600 mah battery.

There are no modes and there is no display is a mechanical box that delivers 4.2 to 3.1 volts depending on the type of resistance and then the respective ohms.The characteristics that distinguish it are certainly the size and weight, the battery is definitely another point in its favor in fact I managed with the endurance to make 3 refills before seeing the red light. In fact, the fire button is equipped with 3 LEDs that indicate the battery charge, the Green light shows us that the battery can deliver from 4.2 volts to 3., 8 times the blue light from 3.8 volts to 3.4 volt and the red light that the battery has almost reached its limit and will go out as soon as it reaches 3.1 volts. The recharge is via USB and is completed by completely discharged within 2 hours and a half. Regarding the air regulation the designers of the box have decided to create an opening on the base of the box that through a switch made of plastic material it is possible to cover the slot for a very well-contrasted gouge pull that leaves us satisfied given the level of the box or leave it open in order to have a more open shooting this mode of use is recommended especially if you mount the resistance of 0.5 ohm that is indicated for a “lung roll” typically by flavor chasing. The box delivers correctly as promised, the drop in the battery is not perceived in a decisive manner but certainly noticeable even in the aromatic density I advise not to ever get to the red light because the satisfaction will be affected.

atombatteryVIMEASE OF USE

The VIM is a box designed to be easy, fast and suitable for everyone but especially for those who start. Mount the resistors once removed the atomizer is easy and intuitive, the magnetic coupling system guides us to this procedure and the refill is very simple in fact just unscrew the drip tip and recharge, but remember to use a bottle or needle or with a small dispenser because the slits are not very spacious and there is also a margin between the upper part of the box and the entry of the charging holes.

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VIM Atomizer

In this kit we also find the owner’s atomizer over the box. It is an atomizer with small dimensions and that is inserted inside the box disappearing inside it leaving only the drip tip as the only part outside the box, the refill as mentioned above occurs from above by unscrewing the drip tip.The atomizer from 16 mm offers the possibility of mounting can mount two types of resistors, the one from 1.00 ohm for a cheek throw and the one from 0.5 ohm for the lung shot, a small tank that can hold up to 2 ml according to the TPD regulations.

Speaking of the quality of the resistors, the kit is supplied only with the 1.00 ohm coil. There is no description on the material used but surely it will be kanthal so no mesh, the first thing that catches the eye is the size of the holes for the draft of the liquid, which are really small and positioned on the sides, so suitable for 50/50 liquids do not exceed this limit because the coil will not feed properly and you will expose yourself to the risk of barriers. As for the aromatic yield we are on a good level, in line with what the market offers, perhaps a step below certainly compared to the resistance of the manufacturer Justfog that I consider to be the benchmark in this entry-level market segment. The durability of the resistances is around 20 ml using clear liquids and dirty you will not be able to do a few more ml. The yield and satisfaction is based on two factors: the charge level and the air management through the switch placed at the base, surely at the maximum charge the resistance has the best performance, closing the air hole you will get a closed shot and very fulfilling.

I also wanted to try the coil for the lung shot (kindly provided by the manufacturer), which with open air provides an airy shot, but it is not a cloud chasing shot but a very light flavor, even the drip tip does not help being quite tight anyway. As a surrender it does not make a miracle cry but at least you can put some 70/30 liquids because of the most generous draft holes. Surely I see her more focused on a cheek throw.

In addition, the manufacturer informs us that the atom is compatible with two other types of resistors but I have not got to test and are a 0.7 ohm turbo mtl steel 316L and 0.45 ohm turbo coil always in steel.

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VIM enters the market of mod pods that are very fashionable in this historical period. The really small size and a 2600 mah battery that ensures 2 days of use on average are definitely its strength. The atomizer is definitely not a top-level atomizer but does its job well, a reliable atom that will not leave us on foot if used properly and with low-density liquids. Another box to consider for those looking for small size and good performance also seen the price range in which it is positioned.


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