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Name and Format: Virginia linea V by Black Note (Vaporificio & Black Note) – concentrated flavour 10 ml – received by the manufacturer


Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50 PG / 50VG

Expiry date: 03-2020

Devices: Sva penguin BF 75 + Speed Revolution 1.00 omh (Kantal A1 29 AWG) + Cotton bacon V2

The world of e-liquid is always in great movement to adapt to the tastes of all types of vapers, from those who want a delicious cream-based recipe to those looking for a sparkling explosion of iced fruit to face the hot summer days .. and then c ‘those who would like to find in the tobacco world the faithful companion to use all day, which can accompany us from coffee in the morning, at night in the evening until the midnight snack.

In fact, today we are going to talk about a liquid, born from the collaboration of two very famous companies in the world of tobacco extraction. We speak of the Vaporificio, an Italian company now well established for its organic compounds deriving from natural cold extraction and without the addition of artificial flavors or substances of non-plant origin; that with the California company Black Note with which it shares the same vision on the world of tobacco, has created a new line of precious extracts called V by Black Note.

From these new products do not expect blends or recipes, each aroma describes a single variety of tobacco with its characteristics and its unique flavors. Virgina, Burley, Perique, Kentuchy, Cavendish, Havana, Latakia and finally Oriental.

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The choice of which to review first is difficult given the amount of new products, but ultimately not excessively, certainly the most known tobacco, the most cultivated, the most used in blends to balance the “smokiness” … today we’ll talk about the Virginia V by Black Note.

The 10 ml bottle of aroma in our possession shows, in its label of a nice bright orange, in addition to the name and the line to which it belongs, the percentage of aromatization recommended in this case 10%. With the promise not to destroy the coils after a few ml because the production process to which they are subjected after extraction and before bottling provides a filtering phase to eliminate residues and which will therefore allow us to extend the life of our resistances. At the end of the recommended maturation time about 5/10 days the liquid appears yellowish tending to orange to the view very loaded.

The description given to us by the producers is this:

Virginia tobacco is dried through a complex method that keeps the sugar values ​​unaltered, giving the tobacco its pleasant, sweet and delicate taste. It has a yellow / orange color and thin leaves.

Virginia tobacco is dried through a method that keeps the sugar values ​​unaltered, giving the tobacco its pleasant, sweet and delicate taste. It has a yellow / orange color and thin leaves.

Olfactory perceptions are never simple when it comes to tobacco and even more complicated if specifically we speak of Virginia for its very light and delicate nature. And it is precisely this that comes from the bottle a taste of an incredible delicacy that conveys that feeling of softness typical of this tobacco that is used as a basis to balance the most complex mixtures, a smell that tends to the floral and winks at the sugary sweetness characteristic of the leaf.

black note aroma virginia

This is how I get very curious about the vaporization test. The first sensation that emerges in inspiration is the perception of softness given by the sugary component that surrounds the grassy feeling very present but well balanced in all its aspects. The svapata is very amiable and it transmits us all those typical tips of woodiness that we are looking for, it seems almost an infusion where the leaves are well perceptible but never preponderant well balanced by the intrinsic sweetness of the tobacco. In expiration, here comes that dryness that fills our palate and drags away the sweet sensation that characterizes the liquid and that encourages us to continue using it.

The virginia has always been used as a base to create combinations of tobacco so it is not a tobacco very structured or difficult to interpret, light, soft and delicate so this liquid is suitable, suitable for all times of the day well perceptible in its sweet dryness and that always knows how to be appreciated while being a light and air-cured tobacco is decided but at the same time delicate.

And it is the combination of all these elements that make Virginia V by Black Note an e-liquid with a well-balanced and round taste where sweetness is the setting for a grassy and straw-colored sensation worthy of note a moment of pleasure to every opportunity. A perfect all-day.

virginia leaf

Obviously you are wondering how the coils reacted, you can say that, after about 8 ml, the taste has remained unchanged to the sight you do not notice that caramelization typical of these extractions, I can say that being a tobacco however clear and seen the filtering process to which it is subjected to dirt in a less invasive way than other products. Great!

Suggested dilution: 10%

Steeping time: 5/10 gg

ico 4

Pro: Delicate, soft, lovable. An excellent starting point for those who want to enter this world.

Cons: Not suitable for those who do not like tobacco.