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E-liquid review: Voxy Boom (Green Fog) 40 ml – received by the manufacturer

Batch: S320517

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: 11/2018

Devices: Aleadertech Funky 160W + Vandy Vape Icon RDA dual coil 0,3 ohm (Kanthal A1 24 awg 0,50 mm) with Cotton Bacon V 2.0

The Flavourist team today returns to Italy to deal with one of the most recent brands in the national e-liquids landscape: Green Fog. Created by a collaboration between Dr Fortunato Francia and Rino Cucci, well-known and prominent personalities in the national e-liquids landscape, the company is strongly oriented towards the constant research and development of e-liquids with a high degree of safety and quality.

The Electro Line is made up of 13 e-liquids marketed in the now known Mix Series format, in this case 30 ml + 10 ml base optionally with nicotine. The line liquids have a 80/20 VPG composition and are offered in comfortable PE bottles with a handy narrow tip dropper, perfect for any refill. The line is inspired by the world and the history of electronic music, synthesizers, rhythms and genres of disco, funk and pop from the 70’s to the present. It’s a nice idea to accompany the official site’s viewing with ad hoc music tracks.

Today we are going to talk about Voxy Boom a tobacco e-liquid but before to start, I remember to you our Facebook page. So go on and click the “Like” at the top right of the page, the one indicated by the yellow arrows in the image below.


What kind of tobacco e-liquid is Voxy Boom?  According to the The Flavourist classification, it’s a “classic tobacco” as Green Fog not produces tobacco e-liquids using extracts of tobacco leaves.

The official presentation reads as follows:

The famous effect Vocoder typical of electro funk music 80’s 90’s. So this e-liquid charms and steals with a complex combination of strong tobaccos seasoned and sweetened by vanilla and double caramel notes. Arrogant, irreverent, brazen.

Originality without compromises. To vape in a concert of DAFT PUNK !!

The description also impels us towards a voluptuous but at the same time audacious and irreverent product and in effects the smell test confirms the official words of the manufacturer.

A strong caramel aroma distinguishes this e-liquid in a total full context and round and surrounded by scents of vanilla background. But tobacco?

The sense of smell also reveals a remote blonde tobacco soul that detaches itself from light alcoholic nuances. It is the typical olfactory sensation of  a “non-tobacco tobacco” e-juice.

The aromatic structure of Voxy Boom is very common in its sweet scents, is also consequently easily appreciated by the vast majority of vapers. Caramel and vanilla are two ingredients that hardly do not meet the favors of the general public.

voxy boom

Breath and drops to my Icon RDA, therefore, we discover Voxy Boom.

The first puffs confirm that Voxy Boom is not a new e-liquid but sure it is a very pleasant e-liquid in its field. We are talking about a classic RY4. Never heard of? Eheheh … If you search for RY4 on our blog, you will find several articles with the deepening on the meaning of this mysterious acronym.

Here we need only remember that the basic recipe of a RY4 provides a tobacco (synthetic) base with hints of caramel and vanilla.


Green Fog today presents his personal interpretation of RY4 and does so with skill moving hinges on precise and balances: flavourists with a lot of experience in the service of raw materials of the highest level.

It comes out a permeated product at all stages of the vape session by a soft caramel cream of high aromatic intensity than that of a composite naturalness. This caramel cream are part of the glazes of delicate vanilla bourbon berries and, only in the exhalation phase, emerge tobacco notes reading but dry and slightly bitter in turn backed by a minimum substrate nutty (acetyl pyrazine).
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The bouquet is in this composition, it blended very well, excellent balance and it all generates a swirl of scents that pursue and flow effortlessly, in an endless loop from which it is difficult to get out and do not want to get out.

The puffs can be deep and intense, from slow tasting but also compulsive and frequent supported by generous airiness of the atom. And this is a undisputed value for Voxy Boom, denoting an incredible stability in any condition and temperature of vaping and also shows a truly unique aromatic persistence, all centered, just as it is, on a tasty caramel flavor that stops sweet on the palate between a breath and the next that will …

ico 4

Pro: A noble and pleasant interpretation of the most famous e-liquid recipe.

Cons: This e-liquid is not new in its genre.