Name: vPipe Mini (Vapeonly) – Kit received by Heaven Gifts

Format: Built-in Battery 360 mAh with headcoil atomizer

Max Power: 11 Watt

Colors: Brush Grass, Wood Grain, Matte Black, Gloss Black.

Price: ~ € 25


vPipe Mini, the entry level electronic pipe

Vapeonly is a vape device manufacturer with a particular attention to the electronic pipe segment. Just recently the Chinese company presented the newborn vPipe Mini, a pipe-shaped starter kit or even a pod system.

The Flavourist Team, despite having always been particularly intrigued by the e-pipe category, until this time had not had the opportunity to test and review any of them. With vPipe Mini also The Flavourist finally enters the world of electronic pipes.

As usual we see first what the manufacturer offers in the packaging of its product.


1 x vPipe Mini Battery
1 x vPipe Mini Atomizer (Ceramic Coil)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Small, narrow and tapered, this is vPipe Mini. The visual impact of the pipe is very positive, by virtue of an elegant line and a finish (in our case wood grain) that deserves a special mention, because it appears well-kept and of great value, despite being in front of an indisputably entry product level. The e-pipe is made of zinc alloy (the atomizer tank in PCTG, Poly – Cyclohexylenedimethylene Terephthalate Glycol) and its constructive level looks more than good; in the hand the vPipe gives a sense of remarkable robustness, also for a weight that is not irrelevant for such a small product. Maybe too much.

Ultimately, although the relative weight is perhaps a bit excessive, we can only congratulate the manufacturer for the work done, both from a constructive and an aesthetic point of view.


A Starter Kit must have different qualities, but without any doubt that of portability, a very important discriminant in the choice of an e-cig for a neo vaper. Whoever begins to vape, first of all turns his attention to the size and portability of the product, and immediately after to the ease of use. The vPipe Mini is a product that certainly has good ergonomics; its dimensions (length of 129 mm and 12.5 mm in diameter) allow the user to easily grip the pipe in various ways. Unfortunately, its 62 grams of weight does not allow hands-free vaping (the device is equipped with automatic puff), and in our opinion this represents a limit for this kit. With regard to the portability of the vPipe Mini, we can say that, if on the one hand it is an object that does not create absolutely particular issue, on the other hand it must be said that it is not really a pocket e-cig: its length and weight do not help in this.


vPipe Mini is an electronic cigarette with a built-in battery of only 360 mAh that could be recharged via a micro USB cable in about 45 minutes. Impossible not to note that these are numbers of the first generation vaping products, perhaps a bit anachronistic in 2019. 360 mAh certainly cannot be a guarantee a long vaping autonomy, in fact during our tests, we found that the battery allows to vaporizing not more than 1 ml of e-liquid.

The vPipe Mini does not need to be turned on/off as once connected atomizer and battery, the kit is active and ready to be used. Automatic puff completes the picture of a product whose vape action is perhaps the most immediate and simple possible currently on the market.

This is the real strength of this product, which inevitably has no function whatsoever except the minimum and indispensable protection functions (protection against short circuit, protection against vaping beyond 8 seconds and protection from voltage below 3.0 V).

It is evident that in making this starter kit, Vapeonly wanted to focus everything on the immediacy of use and on a very attractive aesthetic line.


We have to say again what just stated in the previous paragraph: vPipe Mini is an e-pipe designed to offer ease of use at the highest levels. This thing in a device is possible if the manufacturer simplifies the product functions to the maximum. With its vPipe Mini Kit, Vapeonly is able to offer all this, from the non-adjustable automatic firing (set to 3.6V for 11W of output power), to the absence of customizations for the user, at power on automatic at the same time as the atomizer is screwed to the battery and finally to the ease of refilling the e-liquid and eventually replacing the head of the atom (we will deepen the atomizer specifications in the next paragraph).


The atomizer of this kit consists of a semi-transparent PCTG smoked tank with a 1.2 ohm ceramic headcoil (not replaceable). The capacity of the tank is 1.5 ml, in our opinion right for this kind of product. Finally to complete the structure of the atom, there’s a comfortable and pleasant drip tip of the same finish as the battery body. The e-liquid can be refilled from the top in a very comfortably way: simply you have to unscrew the drip tip and insert the liquid into the tank.

The atomizer, as widely expected, is a pure MTL atomizer with a closed and soft puff but to be honest it is not very silent. There is no possibility to adjust the airflow.

From the aromatic point of view, this tank alas has little to say. It looks like a somewhat dated vape product with aromatic performance under the current market standards. The aroma, which tends to dryness, is quite bland, plus it is evident that the atom does not appear able to give a broad and multifaceted range of aromatic nuances. Perhaps acceptable for those are going to their first vaping experience, but nothing more.


The vPipe Mini Kit, while being aesthetically very beautiful and elegant, fails in our judgment to provide performance up to current market demands. Although this is an entry level product, we believe that the manufacturer should have proposed a device with greater autonomy and above all a tank with better aromatic performance.

Suggested to: newbies vapers.

  • 5/10
    In the Box - 5/10
  • 9/10
    Design & Build Quality - 9/10
  • 7.5/10
    Ergonomics & Portability - 7.5/10
  • 5.5/10
    Functions & Performances - 5.5/10
  • 10/10
    Ease of use - 10/10
  • 5/10
    Atomizer & Flavor - 5/10

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