E-liquid review: W – Pop Arts (Private-Lab)  60ml received by the producer

Batch: 17991

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: none

Expiry date: 20/10/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Griffin top air dual coil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Are two e-liquids in the Pop Arts line of the Canadian Private Lab. W and M. Woman and Man – two icons for excellence! We will review today W. Apparently the feminine essence represented by the Private Lab creativity.

20170607_081310-01As you can see, the inspiration to American Pop Art, and more precisely to Roy Fox Lichtenstein, is quite evident. The 60ml Baby Bottle Bowl contains poor security information. No tactile badge for the blind and manufacturer’s references are limited to their phone number.


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Today’s review addresses the theme of fruity e-liquid. Structure, natural ingredient expression, balance and sweetening – are key features to create attractive fruity recipes for vaporisation. For several reasons, often addressed in our reviews, just this type of e-liquid, it is particularly sensitive to the vaporization powers or the temperatures reached by the atom as a result of compulsive discomfort. The chain vaping. The most viscous and cheerful notes, typical of some fruits, lose their content and the harmony (when present) proposed by the artist, is lost in hot boccate … very vaporous but insipid and aromatically unbalanced.

The Private Lab website is a rather exhaustive landing page with mail and social contacts but the W description is printed on the flask in both Italian and English, as you will notice from the product image:

Refreshing blend of yellow melon and fresh cucumber!

Good. Even the production of an e-liquid is an art form. See “The Woman” as a fresh mix of melon and cucumber … I’m worried. Certainly not for melon! The olfactory examination of W reveals a soft and fragrant e-liquid. The fruity essence is distinctive and pleasing. A creamy background frames the melon essence. Pulpy and mature melon, forced by a soft and succulent tail of cucumber. The surprise you did not want!

Joking aside … W vaporization offers a brilliant fruity elegance. The melon and cucumber, in a quick session of shots, seem to swap several times the role of protagonists, to stabilize a rich and intriguing aromatic persistence… to the cucumber. Very good and credible the aroma to the yellow melon chosen. It is not easy and how many of you have had over the years to deal with melon, watermelon, lemonade, and melon aromas … they will be experienced enough to know that in Italy yellow melon is also called “Winter Melon”.

melone gialloThe characteristic of this melon, when well mature, is precisely that of preserving in it an aroma superior to other varieties of melon. The aroma is released at the time of cutting. Their conservation is the reason for their name. Winter melons, harvested and tasted really in the months of September and November. Giant of Naples, Morettino and Melon of Malta, all varieties of Winter Melon. Their white and mature flesh is perfectly reproduced in this e-liquid Private Lab, although its sweetness is corrupted by the mild acidic notes of cucumber. An interesting mix that amplifies the aromatic richness of the contents with the presence of non-excessive or intrusive creamy ingredients.


Much measured the sweetening. The tastes are rather nautural, but the cucumber (fortunately) benefits from this sweetening to express a better dress. Sweeter than natural in short. In our culture the use of cucumber is often limited to salads, but in the world, the many varieties of this fruit, lead to different and often delicious recipes. Accompanying other fruits, freshly baked macedons or centrifuges has often been documented in reviews by The Flavourist. The aromatic contribution to fruity e-liquid is unquestionable.


Cucumber’s sapidity is a good contrasting element to the precious yellow melon. This contrast is played on sour soft notes, but at the same time gently fruity. Fragrances, but also polish and slightly creamy. Intense, pleasing and clear scents. Few ingredients, but well-balanced and of good quality. Yellow melon, the main ingredient of this Private Lab recipe, is great. An energetic and brilliant character reproduced with remarkable naturalness of content. The mix is typically water-based and fruity, but its maximum aromatic expression, vaporisation, is reflected in the stages of exhalation and meditation on the wave of sweet aroma persistence.

W is an all-day e-liquid. Simple but very enjoyable. Blow it calmly, as you take the seduction of a woman somewhere, now you know, … well hidden his savory cucumber.


ico 3

Pro: Excellent aroma of melon. Good creaminess and balance between the few ingredients.

Cons: Not stable at high temperatures.