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Name: Wee VIM (JAC Vapour) – Pod mod whit pod – Send by manufacturer.

Format: Un-regulated pod mod

Max Power: 3.8 – 3.1 Volt

Color: Black

Price: ~ € 20

Wee VIM by JAC Vapor new pod mod.

We can certainly say that the market of electronic cigarette in general has found a new dimension during this year through the so-called Pod Mod. It is low-end hardwere that thanks to various features such as size and ease of use have managed to emerge with great force by changing many Vapers habits. Simply taking the so-called pods, which we can define as cartridges already equipped with resistors and tanks, where very often we find the liquid already loaded and inserting it into our battery we can without problems get started vaping. So many vaping companies have dived in this new adventure by presenting many new pod mods that have as a key point the simplicity and comfort of use is an example JAC Vapour who designs and creates hardware and e-liquids in the United Kingdom since 2010 So today we’re going to talk about the new pod mod of the house JAC Vapour  the wee Vim that takes inspiration from the older sister the AIO Vim reviewed a few months ago on these pages.



1 x Wee VIM 900mah battery (the device!)

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x User manual

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So we come to talk about the box that in practice is all we need because as we said it is pod mod and then it is in it that we are going to enter our pod with resistance and liquid supplied directly by the manufacturer and where we can not perform no type of operation. As we said the lines of the Vim wee very reminiscent of the Vim, here the dimensions have been reduced to the detriment of the battery capacity and the fire button has been moved in the back, thus increasing, in our opinion, the manageability and comfort of use . The box looks really captivating, the fine and sinuous lines make it pleasing to the eye and very modern; It has a very minimal appearance due also to the really small dimensions.

The build quality is high to be a box entry level anyway, you do not notice work smears and each piece is well anchored to the structure you do not feel creaks of any kind. The USB port for charging has been moved to the top near the drip tip and this allows us a more convenient use even when the battery is charging. Surely the lack of wrap that made it almost velvety makes itself felt, the box is completely made of very solid plastic but the feeling once challenged is more “cheap”.

Of defects we struggle to talk because the box is a disarming simplicity no key to adjust the watts, no screen, only the fire button that is the only thing we need to vape.

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The Wee VIM, besides being aesthetically very pleasant, is certainly very ergonomic. The lines are delicately sweet and easily adapt to the handle, the dimensions are reduced to the minimum, in fact you can hide completely by wrapping it with your hand. What strikes us the most is the weight without pod but also with pod inserted is very light it seems almost to have nothing in hand small light and really comfortable. A small note: it can be slightly slippery and this is due to the fact that the plastic does not offer too much grip. The box fully incorporating the pod that is still removable protrudes out of the “body” only the drip tip, a box that is quietly in your pocket even that of the jacket! We must not be careful of any air hole or be afraid of leaks because everything is really watertight.


In terms of functions the Wee VIM is equipped with all the most common features and sought after by vapers in modern mods, being a mechanical box intended primarily for beginners vapers is equipped with all the necessary protections for the tranquility of us vapers, that you are novice or expert it does not matter a bit of security never hurts. In fact it incorporates the functions of protection against short circuits, protections for battery too full and equipped with holes for venting battery.

The VIM measures with inserted pod: 70 x 21 x 38 mm and integrates inside a 900 mah battery and with an incredible weight of 60 grams

There are no modes and no display is a mechanical box that delivers from 3.8V which corresponds to the green led on the fire button, 3.4-3.8V blue light led, up to 3.1-3.4V red led. The characteristics that distinguish it are certainly the size and weight, the battery is definitely another point in its favor I managed with the pods supplied to finish almost two pods before having to recharge the battery. The charging is very fast and the delivery is really good the charging battery box pushes really well and creates a nice full steam, and this feeling remains lasting throughout the charge, of course there will be a slight drop to red battery but nothing that there prevent you from enjoying a good push.

Wee Vim And Pod ScrollEASE OF USE

La VIM è una box pensata per essere facile, veloce ed adatta a tutti ma sopratutto a chi inizia. Cambiare le pod è facile ed intuitivo, il sistema di aggancio magnetico ci guida verso questa procedura e non essendo possibile fare  il refill è molto semplice si dovrà cambiare l’intera pod una volta finito il liquido. La box si accende con il classico sistema 5 click in 2 secondi e si spegne con la stessa procedura. L’essenza di questa box è proprio nella sua facilità e immediatezza d’uso.

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VIM Pod 

So we come to speak, in the second part of our review of the necessary pods, as said to make our wee Vim work, here we are tied to the choices made by the manufacturer, which does not provide any refill or resistance replacement system. In fact we will have to buy the pods already made and pre-loaded with liquid where the choice can vary on 4 flavors: SMOKING Tobacco, SMOKING Menthol Tobacco, Blackcurrant Squash and Strawberry Chew. These liquors have been thought of according to the manufacturer for the neo vapers, the person who decides to stop smoking forever, in fact they are used high concentrations of nicotine salts, which return a major hit in the throat, which is what many all they start looking to stay away from traditional cigarettes. We are not provided with information on the type of resistance used but certainly given the range of volt delivered the resistance should be around the ohm.

We have received SMOKING Tobacco and Strawberry Chew. The first is a classic synthetic tobacco that has not disappointed us for the entry level range we are talking about, a synthetic dry tobacco that you can appreciate and with a good aftertaste. Instead the second returns a too synthetic and rich vapor that goes to saturate our papillae by crippling the strawberry and making it too sweet.

fit your pod


VIM enters the market of mod pods that are very fashionable in this historical period. The really small size and a 900 mah battery that ensures 2 days of use on average are definitely its strength. The pods pay the price of not being re-usable once the liquid is finished and that of being related to the producer for tastes may like it or not depends on how long each one of us wants to invest in this world. Another box to consider for those looking for small size and good performance also seen the price range in which it is positioned.


Consigliato a: newbie vapers.