E-liquid review: White Beard (Velvet Cloud) 30 ml – received by the manufacturer

Declared base: ultra VG

Batch: n.d.

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Expiry date: n.d.

Devices: Hcigar VTinbox + Split atomizer single coil 0.7 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 awg 0.40 mm ) with japanese organic cotton

Today let’s talk about Velvet Cloud, Californian brand specializing in e-liquid full of high quality VG. Velvet Cloud is a very well known brand overseas perhaps a little ‘less Europe but, thanks to The Flavourist who has already published some of his reviews, many European Vapers have come to know better the Velvet Cloud products and their uniqueness.

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La boccetta da 30 ml è in vetro con tappo bianco e chiusura a prova di bambino; il contagocce possiede una punta a becco di dimensioni medie. Piacevole l’etichetta, che trasferisce un senso di artigianalità con illustrazioni handmade che rappresentano il prodotto, unitamente ad un effetto patinato di impatto professionale ed elegante. Le differenti normative americane rispetto a quelle in vigore in Europa fanno sì che le informazioni presenti sulla boccetta siano molto diverse e meno precise rispetto alle informazioni che troviamo solitamente sugli e-liquids di casa nostra.


Velvet Cloud describes the liquid today, White Beard:

For those who enjoy the deep flavor of natural tobacco but also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Brewed with sweet RY4 juice, White Beard is a brilliant blend of butterscotch, custard, and medium tobacco that makes for an excellent all day vape.

The olfactory analysis, we perceive a clear basis tabaccosa rather dry and energetic that irrepressibly by a light caramel background. Some deeper breaths help me to detect even slight traces of vanilla in the preparation. These blend well and generates a particular scent, I would not call their municipality but certainly inviting.

Warm and cozy from the first breath, that`s the White Beard. The tabaccosa component presents its vegetable nature articulated on a full-bodied blend Virginia-Burley. It ‘a penetrating and dry tobacco, you immediately notice in inspiration and reveals almost simultaneously a caramelized rounding with very light notes of honey. The tabaccoso hint suggests a tobacco extract even if the perception is different compared to our own tobacco extracts. The pure extracts tobacco that we learned about, are generally more approachable to pipe tobacco or cigars; but here the soul tabaccosa seems to recall a more common flavored tobacco from hookahs. The result is still natural and quality, no suspicion of synthetic flavorings.

The custard cream, quoted by the manufacturer, hovers hidden for most of the svapata, only to exalt in the expiratory phase adding softness and creaminess to the recipe, after a decidedly tabaccoso cue settles on softer tracks and easily appreciated by the audience. The resulting aromatic persistence, thanks to the accompaniment of vanilla custard is nice and consistent.

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The candy caramel and custard cream together have the task of characterizing and mitigating tabaccoso blend without ever darken and compose ultimately an e-liquid tabaccoso borderline but highly aromatic impact. And ‘the least we can take a tabaccoso for those hard to appreciate the liquids of this kind but it does try to approach with satisfaction to an e-juice tabaccoso. White Beard is kind while maintaining a stamp does not specifically feminine.

The recipe is not in its unedited entirety, the RY4 was the first e-liquid in the genesis of the electronic cigarette. Velvet Cloud makes no secret of the fact that this e-liquid born and has been conceived as a clear basis RY4 but it definitely goes well because this is a RY4 genetically modified with noble Velvet Cloud Vapor genes. To really get this intense elegance, treat yourself to moments of deep relaxation and total abandonment. Luxuriate in a fictional world, almost faded and only portrait of an old design, where as if by magic, the smells of all that is around us are very different from the real world flavors. You can see in the distance the white beard of Gandalf and you’ll discover that by his magic pipe the fumes of his tobacco will have the same warm aromatic vapors of White Beard. A perfect balance and a romantic embrace a full VG that gives us a velvety sense of elegance, the unmistakable trademark of the San Francisco producer.

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Pro: interpretation of a RY4 with the class and elegance of velvet Velvet cloud: unmistakable trademark.

Cons: a tobacco juice the edge of an e-juice just creamy.