Name and Format:   Whitechocolate Mocha(Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee) – E-liquid 100 ml – received by Aer WholeSale

Batch: n.a.

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 20 PG / 80 VG

Expiry date: n.a.

Devices: Capo sqounk iJoy + Wotofo Profile RDA single mesh 0.25 ohm with Wotofo Cotton.

The Flavourist team is always at the forefront when it comes to discovering new flavors and tastes. These parameters can be applied not only to the world of vape but also to coffee. This is the name of Cold Brew Coffee by Nitro, the name of an American brand in the state of California distributed on the European continent.

As for the pages, my reviews have never been so good to take a peek: it is Almond Cappuccino, Macchiato and Vanilla Bean. The peculiarity of the line is in the fact that it is one of the few dedicated to the Anglossasone world of coffee and you come to discover the novelty? The story lies in the fact that it was thought to make this creamy coffee It is therefore to say that it is a line of iced coffee e-liquid.

We arrive at the protagonist of today is White Chocolate Mocha .. the name does not sound new to you, right? In fact this is one of those classic recipes in which we can come across any Starbucks, but coming back to us the product is considered.

Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee E-Liquid presents their super sweet white chocolate mocha, a sweet and cold coffee and a rich treatment combined with a delicious aroma.

A unique sweetness of white chocolate a slightly bitter taste of coffee. This is my best life in terms of “American drink”.

Gorilla of 100 ml with a young and clean graphic but of sure impact, it is always known that overseas producers are particularly attentive to the presentation of their creations in fact they have accustomed us a packs with a very high appeal able to sell the their product at the first glance.


As already mentioned, the whole line of Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee is inspired by the coffee-based beverages of the famous American coffee shop chain Starbucks. And the olfactory test in fact, is a further confirmation. The first approach to the bottle gives us a slight scent of American espresso coffee, which brings with it all the differences with “our” espresso, slightly soft and less invasive. Below we find the creamy part that is characterized by a sweet and sugary feeling it is difficult to say clearly that it is white chocolate, our nose can only have a hint of this white chocolate. The aromatic structure is however very close to the liquids that we have tried with you characterized by a coffee base and a creamy base.


The characteristics of this eliquid can be immediately appreciated just after the first puff: a light and pleasant ice effect, combined with wisdom to elements rich in sugars and very creamy which is contrasted by a slight bitter but at the same time sweet scent of this American coffee. To give a practical example this aromatic construction brings it very close to the coffee creams that we usually enjoy in the hottest periods of the year.

In inspiration, a delicate sensation of freshness inaugurates the puff, preparing our palate for true aromatic construction. A delicate and slightly sweet background of coffee is the background to a pleasant chocolate sensation, a rich and thick cream of white chocolate that transmits all its sugary values ​​becoming definitely the central element of the whole aromatic construction. During the central phase of the puff we mix all the elements in fact the chocolate cream combines perfectly with the notes of coffee that finally releases its slightly amoragnole characteristics going to read lightly the infinite sweetness of this overwhelming white chocolate and that drags our papillae in a whirlwind of pure golity. The delicate American coffee perfectly fulfills its role, thus preventing the eliquid from being classified as “sweets” and killing papillae. Even in the queue the boquet does not lose the balance reached in the heart of the puff and all the aromatic elements are able to remain persistent allowing us to finally taste this delicacy with a fresh and delicate trail.

Pulling the deals and provided you do not consider it an e-liquid to coffee, at least as we understand it Italians, this Whitechocolare Mocha is a valuable product that manages to be sweet (ababstanza) but without ever tiring and above all manages to trace with good loyalty, one of the many creations of Starbucks, an absolute source of inspiration for this line of e-liquids. An eliquid suitable for every moment of the day that is never unpleasant even after several ml. Surely a tasty transposition of reality.

Pro: The White Chocolate Mocha in an eliquid version.

Cons: Basically it is not a coffee liquid as we understand it.