Attitude Vape

E-liquid review: Winston (Attitude Vapes) 30 ml – received by the producer

Batch: 2501184

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 40% VG – 60% PG

Expiry date: may 2018

Devices: Rx200 + Tobh Atty single coil 0,82 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 25 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

Attitude is an English brand founded by vaper enthusiasts. This passion has turned soon challenge and desire for quality. A quality that promise to transmit to a range of liquid which is inspired by characters and icons of the UK. The country has always been a cultural melting pot in constant evolution. We will start today with Winston a journey to discover the entire line Attitude Vapes.

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The inevitable curiosity about Winston comes from the ingredients of this recipe, but also the respect for the person of Winston Churchill. Was Winston Churchill to say: “Attitude is a little thing That makes a big difference”. And it is immediately apparent thatthis recipe has enormous value for a brand proud of their roots.

Winston Attitude Vapes

Tobacco, Dark Chocolate, Brasilian nut & a Hint of Banana.

Ingredients that seem to outline the ambition to create something new, innovative, while remaining aligned to a classic base, which sees tobacco marry chocolate and walnut. But the Banana? I confess to being quite excited. The Attitude bowls inspired by Pop Art, as you can appreciate the label Winston. A miss, if we would only tactile dot for the blind. Winston Churchill is portrayed in a classic pose, particularly nice. That gesture you see is not a gesture of “victory”, but to mockery. The V-shaped fingers are shown with the back of the hand facing the observer. It corresponds to the American middle finger gesture raised or to a simpler “fuck you”.


The sniff test shows the typical notes of a n.e.t. (Extract of natural tobacco) dominated in large part by a nut acid scent. Olfactory dark and difficult to interpret. Compare it to a cigar would be a stretch, but some notes seem to point us precisely towards this dimension.

The favorite cigars from Winston Churchill, were Cubans Romeo Y Julieta. A passion that left its mark in the life of Churchill and still inspires many brands in the world of tobacco. His false teeth – that pulling in the face of his party when he was angry – was auctioned for 15,200 pounds. The same false teeth with which Churchill shouted to his parliament: “Fight them on the beaches”. It was June 4, 1940.



Thats enough. It‘s time to taste Winston, the Attitude Vapes recipe on my old Tobh Atty. The breath leaves displaced. A taste of dark chocolate, by the nuances loving is perfectly mixed with an equally intense and dark tobacco. The accents provided by the Brazilian-flavored walnut are obvious and contribute to characterize the structure of the recipe with a significant bitter note. Only at the end, in the base notes, an excellent banana cream follows the contours of what now appears to be a masterpiece. The aromatic persistence is long and engaging.

mallo noce

Unfortunately, this property so intense, reveals some flaw yielding to compulsive vaping. The malic acid content in what turns out to be an excellent extract of walnut, makes vape quite bitter. Maybe too much, considering the mix with chocolate. Here it is that the banana will receive less, while remaining present in a form slightly less elegant than the first puffs. Suction masculinity edgy and intrusive Winston proves fascinating and highly tobac. It is a cigar and Cuban atmosphere 40s come to life as much as the character of Winston Churchill. An incredible job.

Undoubtedly a liquid for meditative vape. Slow and measured. I believe I have made the right choice in having set my dripper with a value of 0.8 ohm. Higher values, driven to tame powers are definitely the best way to enjoy this innovative mix. Really very satisfying and intriguing. Tobacco note fact is accentuated by this singular bitter profile, despite being at the same time lively and exotic thanks to the combination with banana. I like to call “cocky and brash”, almost as much as the character that inspired it. You either love him, or hate him.


ico 4

Pro: Innovative. Tells a story with clear and precise references. In it relives the character of Winston Churchill.

Cons: Definitely niche. It requires a setup and noticed one meditation vape that I would not have expected looking at the style of the bottle.