E-liquid review: Wooba – Feevr (Savourea) 10ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 131 0301

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 70VG – 30PG

Expiry date: 06/2019

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,48 ohm (Kanthal A1 26 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

Let’s start today with a new journey, with the colorful and cheerful line Feevr of the French manufacturer Savourea.

As you can see from the image of Wooba, this line and this brand are a perfect example of “TPD Ready” practice.

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The box contains all the information required by the recent regulations, showing also a fresh, colorful and inviting graphics, curated with a… delicious taste. Inside there are 3 10ml flasks, for a total of 30ml of promising Wooba. The PET bottles are perfect in every aspect. Additional safety requirements are available browsing the adhesive label. Better looking at the packaging, I notice the words “American’s Flavor”. Needless to say, it has the tactile warning stick of potential danger, useful to our blind friends. In short: great packaging.

Wooba - Feevr Savourea

Wooba description:

Wooba feevr est un bonbon fraise / pastèque acidulé rehaussé par une pointe de frais en expiration, un must !

Wooba feevr is a strawberry and watermelon candy enhanced by a fresh tip in expiration, a must!

From the first olfactory examination, Wooba reveals clear fruity notes of strawberry and watermelon. Slightly acidulate and gentle glazes draw the contour of a fresh and natural fruity e-liquid. Determined and comfortably soft fragrances. It is worth noting the absence of excessively creamy notes on the smell, that often overload the fragrance. Wooba has an intriguing scent, without any distortion, even though it is “bonbon fraise”. The scent that spreads of cutted strawberries is pleasantly perceptible. In fact, from the olfactory point of view, there are no notes that recall … a candy. Minor grassy notes frame the freshness of this graceful bouquet.

The “bonbon” referred to by the manufacturer are fruit jelly candies made with fresh aromas or strawberries. We remember them sprinkled with sugar. Simply put: fruit jellies.

gelatina di fragole

However, Wooba reveals a surprise on vaping. Only on the vape test it becomes clear to me the detail in the description: “A bit of freshness”. Wooba has a mentholated soul imperceptible on the smell, what I recognized as mild herbaceous background notes. The puff is fresh and rich in aroma.


The taste of “bonbon fraise” is now recognizable, undoubtedly elegant and influenced by the aromatic contribution of watermelon. The aromatic bouquet is sweet, but without any excess. Perhaps this aspect deserves more reflection. The american inspiration and character seem clear and obvious, considering the mix proposed for Wooba’s recipe by the manufacturer. Yet the ingredients are elegantly developed with the typical European touch. Specifically, that’s a compliment for Savourea and for its typical French aromatic ability.

Within the vaping world the “gummy” or “candy” sector has certainly its admirers. Yet, looking at overseas productions, we as The Flavourist have often noticed cultural differences regarding the sensibility of the flavor experts, who gives to those kind of recipes a bias towards… jaunty e-liquid for cloud chasing. Ultra sweet products … with rather one-dimensional taste.

bonbon frise

Wooba is rich and delicious. It could be easily confused for an elegant and well-made fruity e-juice, because of that aromatic facets that transmit such a natural feeling and cleansing of taste. At the end of the story, it is a strawberry jelly. On the inhale, within a couple of seconds, the appetizing mentholated soul turns into an immersive freshness. Mildly herbaceous notes of menthol blend into the balanced mix of strawberry and watermelon. The taste stimulation are various and the three ingredients takes over the leading role alternatively. Perhaps only watermelon looks shy. Just the ingredient that would have been positively affected by an increased sweetness. In fact, the aroma of watermelon, when associated with menthol, especially under high temperatures or long vaporization times, tends to simulate notes that recall cucumber. Moderating the airiness and allowing the atom to cool, prevents this effect. Maybe a more incisive and sweet watermelon might have prevented this typical effect … which is mostly due to the compulsiveness of the vaper, rather than to the aromatic quality of the recipe.


The aromatic persistence is good in the overall perception. The bold vapor is tasty and visibly satisfying already at medium-high powers. The tonic and refreshing effect of the vivid menthol note is perceptible especially on the inhale, but slowly fades into fresh mint. A winning combination with the precious fruity flavors of Wooba.

American Flavor? Maybe an American brand would just have induced an icy-effect with a high-concentration of koolada and a huge sweetening. Wooba is balanced and well flavored. An “all day” character that I really appreciate in sweet, but also in fruity e-liquids. Wooba, albeit simple, is perhaps too elegant to be compared to an American’s Flavor. But can we rebuke Savourea’s quest for grace and balance? Absolutely not.


ico 4

Pro: Great balance and quality for a fruity sweet “all day” … mentholate.

Cons: The “bonbon fraise” character doesn’t emerge. We can appreciate a great strawberry flavor instead.