Basement brew

The producer tells us that in the composition of this aroma there are six different types of tobacco; a very rich and various mixture but at the same time well balanced and able to generate a very natural, soft and pleasing tobacco flavour.

Probably someone will wonder which tobaccos have been used to craft this mix…

I don’t have the presumption to tell you that I managed to find them all, but I can tell you which ones I think have been used, then all the typical American and British tobaccos used in classic mixes: mainly Virginia and Burley, then Latakia and Oriental and in the end…I really don’t know, maybe they have used two different varieties of Virginia and Burley, or maybe it would be better to ask the producers themselves.

What’s most important, is that it’s still a very delicate tobacco, refined and elegant and extremely good in my opinion!


Recommended dilution: 15%

Steeping time: at least 15-20 days.

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