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Name and Format: Zen Master –  Mellobuddha (Liquid Science Labs) 10ml –   received by the manufacturer

Batch: none

Nico: 3mg/ml

Declared base: 30 PG / 70 VG

Expiry date: 28/04/2019

Devices: SVA Penguin BF + wasp nano RDA  parallel coil  0.25 ohm (26 ga SS316) whit Cotton Bacon V 2.0.

Today we arrive at the end of our eastern route that began some time ago, which has allowed us to deepen some aspects and uses of the earth “where the sun rises”. The tastes we have met in this long walk have been varied, all have tried in their own way to recall the East and the Buddhist culture, remember the Green Tea and also the exotic taste salad, and it is impossible not to appreciate the call in the names and in the tastes used. So we could not do anything else but leave the Zen Master as the last eliquid, because after these enlightening and relaxing experiences we feel like a Zen masters too!

So here we are at the conclusion, the last of the MelloBuddha line produced by the Californian Liquid Science Labs, Zen Master, which presents us with its creation in a very simple package and on a background that recalls in all its style the colors and images of the pipes bamboo stands in the foreground a small and smiling Buddha who greets us friendly, all these little details try to evoke our mind by recalling the typical oriental figures.

Mello buddha 60ml

Zen Master is as described by the manufacturer:

Zen Master By Mello Budda is an original blend of tropical lemonade that’s sure to hit the spot on a summer’s day. Find your inner Zen while you chill with this amazing new flavour.

Reading the description, we can only be satisfied by the recipe that is proposed, so we are projected in a decisive manner in these quiet and relaxing places, where almost solemnly (remember that we are Zen masters!) A classic oriental style lemonade where we surely expect to find both the taste of lemon and some spice that can make the tasting even better and more relaxing. Imagine being comfortably seated on your knees, perhaps in a wooden temple, where your lemonade rested on the low table, here is the image with which we pass to the olfactory test.

v0310 namaste monk seasonal

As we said before we are in front of our glass full of lemonade and before sip it, to savor it, bringing it closer to our lips we can not help but feel the strong scents released, immediately we can gently appreciate the unmistakable scent of lemon, which is not similar to lemon juice but looks more like the enchanting and sour smell of freshly cut lemon peel. Surely as predicted it is an oriental lemonade and you can perceive some spicy smells, which sometimes recall the ginger, but my nose may have been deceived so I proceed immediately to the test of vaporization.

The first vaporization of Zen Master reveals an e-liquid with a complex and rich taste, our freshly perceived lemonade turns into a lemonade with warm flavors, we do not find any refreshing note, rather we are warmly transmitted its taste . The lemon is definitely the central element of the aliquid that as perceived by the olfactory test is not lemon juice but it seems almost to gently chew a lemon zest that is appreciated with its flickering acidulous but still tendentially sweetish notes. These emotions accompany us for the initial phase and the central phase of the breath and leaving space in the final phase of the breath to a spicy vortex where the protagonist is almost certainly ginger, which we hardly got to savor in eliquid but thanks to the skill of the aromatieri, which we believe, have managed to recreate in an artificial way by combining different tastes at the molecular level, in the end the result is the desired one and the sensation that is created is that delicately spicy and almost spicy typical of ginger. The aromatic pentagram is very successful, but its strength is certainly in the continuity of the puffs, a liquid that changes and raises with its acidic and spicy composition its taste and that also tends to leave a pleasant taste on our papillae .

Liquid Science Labs, the producer, tells us about a line with relaxing flavors. As we could see across the board the tastes are very soft and delicate, even in zen master certainly we do not find an overwhelming aromatic strength, attention with this we do not want to say that the taste is faded, no flavors are well perceptible, but everything is very round delicate and pleasant, a taste well recognizable and well balanced in every aspect that is appreciated in moments of relaxation, but also all day suitable for every palate and for every type of vaporizer.

limonata zen

ico 3

Pro: Great balance and natural tastes.

Cons: That flicker is always missing!