E-liquid review: Zero (Bombo E-liquid) 30 ml received by the manufacturer

Batch: 05/2016

Nico: 0 mg/ml

Declared base: 50PG – 50VG

Expiry date: 04/2018

Devices: Rx200 + Bellus dual coil 0,16 ohm (ss316L 0.46mm 24 ga) with japanese organic cotton.

Often we complain that many recipes are too common and discounted. But what happens when a brand like Bombo starts playing with our perceptions? Zero, e-liquid to be reviewing today, it seems challenge us. 

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Here is the enigmatic description of Zero:

A delicious base of enigmatic essences accompanied by intense freshness, are the perfect mix that will transport you immediately under zero degrees. A glacial combination of natural flavors that can not leave you indifferent.

Interesting, especially for enthusiasts of menthol and glacial tastes. But what is actually hiding behind this “delicious base of enigmatic essences”? Let’s also let us traverse “under zero”.

Zero Bombo

The olfactory examination can not hide the fruity character of the recipe. Red fruits essentially framed by a significant acetate pitch. It would seem mostly blackberry, lycees and … anise. Vagious herbal and floral hints affect the bouquet.



The glacial blow promised in description almost overwhelms the fruity characterization of the recipe. A bad habit in my way of seeing, but so appreciated by many. This is menthol and koolada in a non-sweetened recipe. The aromatic impact is not creamy, but certainly inebriating. A subtle spicy reveals the use of anise, mixed with a modest aroma of blackberry and lycees.  blackberry and menthol favor the perceived herbaceous, mild, in the recipe. The lycees and the ice effect of the koolada re-create delicate floral notes that, happily, can – albeit hardly – make an ingenious aromatic construct.

foto-MOREWhat seems pleasing to the whispers is Zero’s aromatic persistence. Paradoxically more enjoyable than the initial perceptions of the mouth. On the wave of koolada, menthol, all this aggressive freshness, anise, blackberry and lycees seem to regain a protagonist role. Too little. During the breath, as perceived during the olfactory test, an acetate background can not be hidden, distorting the aromatic perception. A mix that should tingle with distinct fruity accents, which, on the contrary, appears poor and lacking in content. Everything for the pleasure of appearing “enigmatic”.


Zero is particularly sensitive to temperature, and therefore to the power, chosen for vaporization. In fact this is linked to the expression of the koolada and its particular iced effect. Banally … the more we increase the power, the more vaporization will be cool and … engaging for such enthusiasts. More (red fruits at the bottom), anise and Lycee would have been a good mix if Bombo had accompanied the glacial effect a considerable sweetening. Or? Or avoid using menthol. Her herb herbs often, if poorly managed, destroy the expressiveness of any fruit. With no vivid fruity, all that ice … knows little.

ico 2

Pro: A curious and stimulating product description.

Cons: The expressiveness of the fruit is not high. Poor sweetening and excessive herbal vein vein.



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