ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA review, the first atomizer with triple airflow

Today I will talk to you about a new Chinese brand ZQ Vapor, a brand owned by the SKEY logistics and distribution group, which has also been operating in vaping sector for several years. After launching on the market some pod mod systems, today ZQ Vapor presents its first rebuildable atomizer, the Trio MTL RTA.

The Trio MTL RTA by ZQ Vapor is an atomizer that despite its low cost is quite ambitious, since it can boast of being the first rebuildable atomizer with triple airflow control. Pure marketing operation or truly innovative project? You will find out very soon by reading our review below, but as always before starting let’s take a quick look at the main features of the atomizer and the contents of the package.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA contenuto confezione



  • Name: Trio MTL RTA
  • Type: RTA atomizer
  • Colors: Black, Stainless Steel, Gunmetal
  • Price: ~ € 35


  • 1 x Trio MTL RTA (2 ml)
  • 1 x Scredriver
  • 2 x Organic cotton
  • 1 x Drip tip
  • 2 x Spare screw
  • 1 x 0.8 ohm pre-built coil
  • 1 x 0.5 ohm pre-built coil
  • 9 x Spare O-ring
  • 1 x User manual

ZQ Vapor trio MTL RTA colori disponibili


The Trio MTL RTA is a stainless steel atomizer (the manufacturer does not specify the type of stainless steel used) and, from its first approach, it turns out to be a massive, well-made and aesthetically very attractive product. The feeling that transpires from the first approach is that ZQ Vapor has created a product studied in detail that, despite the multitude of low-cost MTL devices on the market, was able to stand out for design, quality and innovation.

The lines of the Trio MTL RTA are modern, minimal and well-finished; the atomizer, also due to its triple airflow control, is rather slender for a product with a capacity of only 2 ml, but overall its design in my opinion is top of the range.

But be careful because the Trio MTL RTA is not just aesthetics! In fact, the ZQ Vapor atomizer is appreciated because it combines well-finished design with more than good build quality, a clear sign of the high quality level now achieved by Asian vaping manufacturers.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA deck

The Trio MTL RTA has no machining burrs, all the threads are precise and silent, as are the o-rings which, while being slightly thin, look good quality and do their job admirably. The PEI tank section, which nicely matches the upper unscrewable part of the drip tip, also in PEI, is really very low and this in my opinion is the only real flaw of this atomizer, as it makes difficult to read the level of the liquid inside the tank.

I would like to suggest to the manufacturer to make an upgrade for the future with a larger PEI section of the tank, simultaneously increasing the capacity of the atomizer which, although perfectly in line with the European TPD directive, is really tight in my opinion.


The Trio MTL RTA is a 22.5mm diameter atomizer, with a height (510 pin included) of 54mm and a weight of about 65 grams. As you can see from the image below, the pieces that make up the atomizer are six: drip tip, top cap, vaporization chamber with top airflow, metal tank, PEI tank section, build deck with base and double airflow control (bottom and side).

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA vista esplosa atomizzatore

The deck of the Trio MTL RTA is a single coil with opposed flat-head post screws with a “lip” on either size of the screw to facilitate the gripping and tightening of the wire. On the base of the deck there is a hole under coil of about 1.7 mm. The wick ports for housing the cotton are quite deep even if not very wide and each have three small fixed holes for drawing the e-liquid (the atom has no e-liquid regulation). The vaporization chamber is quite small and rounded, with a classic dome shape, while the chimney is almost completely absent.

The most important feature of this atomizer, from which the name also derives, is the triple air management system, through three different airflow ring control. As you can see from the following photo, starting from the top we have a top airflow consisting of three holes with a diameter of 1.0 mm (you can choose from 0 to 3 open holes), a single-hole middle side airflow with five different sizes selectable (0.8 – 0.9 – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.5 mm), and finally a single hole bottom airflow with the same holes of the middle ring airflow.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA controllo dell'aria

By adjusting the three different air control dials to your liking, the Trio MTL RTA offers a total of 143 different possible airflow combinations! Never no atomizer had dared so much, even if it must be said that an appropriate distinction must be made in considering the use of these rings based on the type of vape you desire. For a pure MTL vape, the top airflow ring is almost useless as well as not recommended and it will be the two lower rings that will provide your favorite MTL draw, from very closed and contrasted to an airy MTL draw.

If, on the other hand, you want to use this atomizer for a flavor chasing vape (DTL), it will be useful and convenient to use the top airflow ring nut after replacing the 510 MTL drip tip (inlet and outlet hole with a diameter of 4.2 mm ) with the second on (always with 510 connection) supplied, intended precisely for a more airy and direct to lung puff (inlet hole 5.2 mm, outlet hole 5.7 mm). I remember for the record that both drip tips are made of stainless steel base with a PEI top part that screws into the steel base.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA 2 drip tip


By virtue of what was previously observed talking about the deck, the building of this atomizer is quite easy for anyone who has a minimum of familiarity with the most classic rebuildable devices. The space between the post screws suggests a coil with a diameter of 2.5 mm while, as always, a little more attention must be paid to the wicking phase.

The width of the wick ports suggests cutting the cotton roughly near the end of the base and thinning it slightly before placing it. The cotton must be positioned in front of the e-liquid inlet holes without obstructing them in any way, to prevent the atomizer not feeding properly and going dry.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA versione gunmetal

Finally, the top refill of the atom is very simple and easier than ever: You have to unscrew the top cap and fill in your e-liquid inside the tank using the large filling slots, really perfect for any type of bottle.


I have tried and tested the Trio MTL RTA with a lot of airflow combinations especially in the MTL configuration and I must say that the draw has always been perfectly calibrated, very clean, linear and fairly quiet; of course there are some high end atomizers on the market that are unattainable for their soft and super silent draw, but I can guarantee that even the Trio draw does not look bad at all in the presence of more famous and decidedly more expensive products.

I enjoyed looking for my own optimum airflow configuration, and found it satisfying to use the 0.9mm hole for bottom airflow and 0.8mm hole for side airflow. This is obviously and I repeat, only my favorite combination, not the optimal one. It is up to each of you to try and find your best setup.

ZQ Vapor Trio MTL RTA atomizzatore 2 ml

As always when The Flavourist talks about MTL devices, I tried the Trio MTL RTA with different tobacco e-liquids and in general I was favorably impressed by its more than good aromatic restitution, both with extracted tobaccos and with synthetic tobaccos. This is a very ductile atomizer that expresses itself well with different types of tobacco e-liquids and produces a basically dry and fairly multifaceted vapor. As for creamy and fruity e-liquids, I can tell you that the Trio in my humble opinion is more at ease with second courses as long as they are not excessively sweet.

Specifically, here is a report on the tests carried out with three e-liquids manufactured by italian company Officine Svapo in collaboration with our team.

Test with “Poncho” e-liquid by Officine Svapo and The Flavourist

In the test with the e-liquid Poncho, an organic extract of Verona Tobacco, Trio performed well enough, specifically enhancing the more grassy and vegetal notes of this tobacco. On the palate I had the clear sensation of vaping a young, fresh and rather light tobacco. Although the aromatic restitution was more than acceptable, I found this extract more satisfactory on other rebuildable systems.

Test with “Il Monco” e-liquid by Officine Svapo and The Flavourist

The second of the three e-liquids by Officine Svapo “Italian Western Collection” line tested on the Trio, was Il Monco, a very complex and structured blend of Syrian Latakia, Verona Tobacco and italian Kentucky. The aromatic yield of Il Monco on this atomizer is in my opinion commendable, and even if this atom does not give extreme dryness to the blend, it is perfectly able to give you all the most typical nuances of the bouquet’s tobaccos. A medium sweet dark blend.

OfficineSvapo TheFlavourist Poncho OfficineSvapo TheFlavourist Il Monco OfficineSvapo TheFlavourist Agua Galiente

Test with “Agua Caliente” e-liquid by Officine Svapo and The Flavourist

With Agua Caliente, a blend of Kentucky, Latakia and Perique tobaccos, flavored with American sweet potato and black currant, the Trio, not without surprise, gave its best. In my opinion, the atom has managed not only to facet the different ingredients of the blend more than well, but it has been able to give the right liveliness to the flavoring elements (blackcurrant and potato) without ever tarnishing the strong tobacco imprint. Surprisingly excellent.


The Trio MTL RTA atomizer by ZQ Vapor surprised me positively for many aspects and, if you consider that it is the first rebuildable project for the Chinese company, I can only conclude that the work has been performed in a commendable way. Design and build quality at the highest levels to be a low cost atomizer.

A product with satisfactory technical and aromatic performance and a pinch of innovation that never hurts. The only negative aspects, which in no way compromise the use of this device, are the capacity of only 2 ml and the very little PEI tank section which makes it somewhat difficult to control the e-liquid level inside the atomizer.

Will the Trio MTL RTA able to enter in the top 10 of the BEST 2021 LOW COST MTL ATOMIZERS?

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Recommended to: Hardcore vapers.


  • 7.5/10
    In the Box - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Design & Build Quality - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Technical Features - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Coiling, WIcking and Filling - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances and Flavour - 8.5/10