Aroma Review: Cereal Monsta (Twisted Vaping)

Base used: 50/50 Avoria

Batch: N. A.
Best before: N. A.

Devices: VP box XVI bottom feeder dna40+LowPro 0,8 ohm (Kantal D 0,40mm) with Japanese organic cotton.

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I couldn’t resist. An aroma with this name, with all these cereals raining from every part. Cereals are cool lately! Cereal is so hip! They know it in Germany too.

Here you are the brilliant description of this German engineering (?) masterpiece:

Unser Twisted aroma “Cereal Monsta” ist eine Mischung aus Cerealien und leichten Beeren.

Our Twisted Aroma “Cereal Monster” is a mix of cereals and lovely mixed berries.

The smell check is quite promising, though we can’t notice any particularly intense notes. A light fruity note is undoubtedly noticeable, along with creamy hints and darker elements which we haven’t framed yet.
Cereals? Not found.

As indicated on the bottle, this Cereal Monsta contains ethanol and smelling it for long it’s easy to get confused. The aroma is already diluted to the max recommended on the bottle. 15% for a final hopeful 20ml result. Lingers are useless.

A good squonk and here we go. I start with a 24 watt power and the first puffs leave me perplexed. I feel a pleasing taste, slightly sugary, with a light strawberry background. A vague blackberry feeling. But there’s more carrying on.

A slightly woody and dark dried fruits note. A bittery hazelnut is noticeable in the deepest drags. Almost unnoticeable in small ones.

Rising the power to 30w paradoxically the taste is changing! It gets richer in sourness, revealing a sugary yogurt which connects well with the strawberry. Now much stronger and characterising. The blackberry is almost disappearing, while the hazelnut keeps up with this artificial disappointment.

Right when the flavour load gets more interesting though, I remind you that we are talking about cereals. The name is telling us that. It’s the description on the producer’s website.

Truth is that this aroma has absolutely nothing to do with cereals! They tricked us and we fell for them.

The persistency of the aroma is scarce and just a light mix of strawberry, hazelnut and yogurt stay in the mouth. here’s the aromatic trick. The balance between sweet, sour and fruity notes is losing itself and the darkest dried fruit notes dominate… alternating with the rest.

I’m disappointed, though I have to admit that this can be an interesting and full of potential mix. But this is certainly not an ingredient. It’s some sloppy stuff you can make yourself at home with 3-4 ingredients. You cannot tell around that this is a cereal mix!

The result of this dilution seems too unstable. All our attention moves to aromatic notes, light at first, then taking over while vaping. But no trace of cereals.

Almost all the 20ml I prepared have been used for this review. A true torture.

My conclusion is that it’s an aroma which, through some works, failed to manage the taste of a fruit cereal. The trick is too evident and hazelnut and raspberry remain the only flavours which can be felt for long. It’s an insult.

Doesn’t annoy, but it pisses me off pretty much.

I wouldn’t even dare to recommend it. It’s the clear demonstration that when something’s hot some brands turn themselves to some renditions and name droppings just to boots sales up.

Recommended dilution: 15% max

Steeping time: 2-3 days.


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Pros: vapable mix

Cons: bunglers and incompetent with no shame