E-liquid review: Châto Bord02 (Bord02) 20 ml

Batch: unreadable

Nico: 3 mg/ml

Declared base: 50% VG – 50% PG

Expiry date: unreadable

Devices: Rx200 + Shingen  dual coil 0,20 ohm (ss316L 26 awg) with japanese organic cotton.

We return to France today, precisely in Bordeaux, with a liquid placed in the Premium Line of Bord02 brand. Chato Bord02. The same recipe is also proposed in the Jean Cloud Line based 80% VG – 20% PG, intended to cloud chasing. I have made me escape and I will settle for this great classic of Bord02. This brand is already present on the market for some years.

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The reference to the term Château Bordeaux is clear – can intrigue – but what lies behind the name Chato Brod02?

Beurre de cacahuète, banane, caramel.

Peanut butter, banana and caramel.

And so the mystery is revealed. Many will be disappointed, especially before the apparent simplicity of the recipe is also presented through a description so cold and blunt. Let’s face it. We are never content. So aside all hope to have in my hands something that has the least to do with the French wine excellent, let’s enjoy Chato Bord02.

Although the bottle and its labeling does not omit any icons or prescription safety, including the tactile dot for the blind, the production batch and the expiration date are unreadable. All information are offered in French and the label has a pleasing graphic elegance.

Châto Bordo2

On the nose, the intensity of what we know to be flavor of peanut butter, transfers and velvety soft notes rinforzote by a delicate and inviting caramel in turn influenced by prominent woody notes. The aroma banana is smothered by this dense structure to the point of being barely perceptible. Imperceptible. You will not feel its wrong. Already smell, sugary glazes articulate the experience making it pleasant. We speak of a truly inviting scent.

For this test I chose to use the gem suggested by fellow JokerKappa. A dripper for tasting equipped with a valid ventilation system for us. So, we invite you to discover it. The Shingen rda. In The Flavourist we are always looking for good atomizers that allow us to carry out tests and reliable and comprehensive reviews.

The fragrance ingredient key Chato Bord02, mixed with caramel, it is medium-high quality. Peanut butter has literally conquered the market in recent years by engaging manufacturers around the world in numerous interpretations and variations. Do not tell me you’ve never vaped one, bought the aroma produced homemade recipes! Bord02 makes it so much and it certainly was among the first European brand to put on the market with this recipe now to the second version.


In this case the intense woody taste and amarostico of dried fruit is pleasant. As mentioned several times, as these interpretations are pleasing to vaping, I find little adhering to what it really is the taste of peanut butter. It also happens with the aromas of various brands. Butter … of something else. Often hazelnuts and pecans, as just that. The taste is much more powerful and interesting. If we want edgy and complete aromatically, as it suggests similarities in their skins or shells of different types of nuts. The caramel added contributes to smooth these gleanings, whose woodiness slips into a pleasant bitter and aromatic persistence. Great, but completely different a real peanut butter.

frutta secca

Aspirating, the creaminess of the liquid is also accompanied by a slight sweet taste, which is also far from a faithful taste of peanut butter. But the banana!? The banana wraps it all, but to be honest, only experience will allow me to locate it. Undoubtedly the amalgam banana aroma very taste and the recipe structure contributing to tasty creaminess. Unfortunately, as noted during the sniff test, in this case it did not use an aroma of ripe banana, but a very classic and cool aroma, without strengthening and its perceptible fruity sweetness, does not emerge aromatic intensity of the recipe.

A good aroma it can easily replace, but talking about e-liquid would be worth a try. To appreciate it will be especially lovers of tobacco liquids. Chato Bord02 has aromatic fragrance and characteristics of the perfect hardness as alternative to traditional tobacco or extracts.

ico 3

Pro: An intense recipe. Woody and very satisfying. A well-structured aromatic persistence. Manly and outspoken.

Cons: Good but far away from the real taste of peanut butter.