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Name and Format: Aromatized Frutti di Bosco РH2O line (Angolo della Guancia) РPropylene glycol aroma 20 ml Рreceived by the manufacturer

Batch: DST025

Nico: 2 mg/ml

VPG composition: 50 PG / 50 VG

Expiry date: 06/2022

Devices: Kizoku Limit RTA BVC single coil 0,7 ohm + Innokin Ares 2 RTA 24 mm single coil 0,9 ohm (Khantal A1 27 AWG) with Cotton Bacon Prime.

The successful H2O line by Angolo della Cheancia is enriched with a new aroma, the Aromatized Frutti di Bosco which joins the already reviewed Aromatized Cardamomo, Aromatized Caramello and the tobacco distillates  MiXture and Quintaessenza. A lucky line was said, and I add deservedly because the Emilian manufacturer, it should be remembered, was the first ever to use the distillation technique (or hydrolates) in vaping, effectively opening the doors of organic tobacco world to many users that vape with premade coil systems; moreover, in my opinion, Angolo della Guancia managed to break into the heart of hard organic tobacco vapers, giving them the possibility of being able to continue to use this type of le-iquid in all those circumstances and situations that are normally not very suitable for the use of a rebuildable devices.

Angolo della Guancia Aromatized Frutti di bosco boccetta

Before focusing on tasting Aromatized Frutti di Bosco, remember that this product is marketed in the 20 ml shot series format: propylene glycol concentrated flavoring inside a 60 ml bottle; to obtain the 60 ml of e-liquid ready to vape, it will be necessary to add a 30 ml base of vegetable glycerol plus a further 10 ml base of propylene glycol. Singular, but very functional to the type of product, the transparent label of the bottle to clearly highlight and show the total transparency of this blend.

Here is what the manufacturer says about Aromatized Frutti di Bosco H2O:

La classica mistura americana aromatizzata con frutti di bosco e un soffio di menta in foglia, tutti estratti con la nuova tecnologia che permette una purezza unica e un aroma che solo il tabacco organico sa dare.

The classic American mixture flavored with berries and a breath of mint leaf, all extracted with the new technology that allows a unique purity and an aroma that only organic tobacco can give.

frutti di


The mix of wild berries emerges bursting from the bottle during the smell test, flanked by a lively and very pleasant menthol note that supports and strengthens the fruity component of the bouquet. Between bold scents of strawberries and raspberries, a medium dry tobacco background emerges with a good aromatic charge, which also seems to have a very slight smoking effect. According to the description of the product, we should be in the presence of a classic American Blend, and therefore of tobaccos (Virginia, Burley and Oriental) notoriously not fire cured.

limit mtl rta gunmetal innokin ares 2 mtl rta 24mm 4ml

For today’s vape test I decided to rely on the Limit atomizer by Kizoku (with Aspire headcoil) and Ares 2 by Innokin. Dear friends, as I have already told you in some previous reviews, always remember that to vape well and with satisfaction you do not need very expensive high end devices and anyone who claims the opposite lies shamelessly and would also be easily unmasked.


I have immediately a sensation of aromatic completeness starting to vape Aromatized Frutti di Bosco vape it immediately gives, resulting tasty, pleasant and above all never cloying. I have tested it continuously for several days and have never experienced that feeling of papillary tiredness that occurs very often if you use only one e-liquid for a long time without alternating it with other products.

Tabacco virginia bright

In inspiration I am surprised by the good tobacco perception built in support of the flavoring component of the mix. The tobacco background is anything but laughable, although no one between Virginia, Burley and Oriental can be labeled as a masculine tobacco. The frame is medium dry but affable and refined and is able to effectively support all the fruity hints that soon emerge on the palate. As anticipated during the smell test, the mix of berries is rather amalgamated even if it is not difficult to grasp the fragrant qualities of the strawberry and the sweet and sour qualities of the raspberry.

AngolodellaGuancia Fruttidibosco 000436 featured

In the heart of the puff, the berries, pushed by the solidity of the tobacco blend, increase their aromatic presence tickled by a very delicate minty breath that gives freshness and expands the aromatic range of the mix. Angolo della Guancia uses the mint ingredient in an excellent way and I have no doubts in believing that the case of Aromatized Frutti di Bosco is to be included in the manual of the use of mint for vaping e-liquids. From a sensorial point of view, the presence of this mint glaze within a recipe. Aromatized Frutti di Bosco is the pure triumph of harmony, balance and an incredible sense of aromatic delicacy.

It is true, I have already said, the “transparent tobaccos” have an aromatic score different from a classic extract and it is natural that it is not easy to understand how to “read” and interpret them. In the presence of the classic cold-extracted tobaccos, an expert vaper will notice for sure that a distillate is always a little less multifaceted, and this also happens with Aromatized Frutti di Bosco, as it is noted that some characteristics of its tobaccos, such as vegetable sweetness of Virginia and the spicy nuances of Oriental, suffer and struggle to reveal themselves. It must also be said, however, that the Emilian manufaturer has managed to package an all-round all-day tobacco, because this e-liquid manages to retain an appreciable stamp of real tobacco, in a general setting that not only does not tire the palate of the vaper, but also preserve your coil and cotton. The pleasure of tasting a “real” tobacco for several days without any interruption whatsoever.

Suggested dilution: 33%

Steeping time: redy to vape, recmmended 2 days

ico 4.5

Pro: Fine flavored tobacco distillate made with superb delicacy and perfect harmony between the ingredients

Cons: Tobacco distillates are not yet able to completely replace some types of tobacco extracts